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Bioshock Remaster First Impression

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It feels weird giving a game I’ve played countless times before a first impression, but I am. How is the Bioshock Remaster when compared to original? 

Bioshock is one of my all time favorite game series. I love these games to death and having a chance to jump back into them is something I’ve always wanted to do, but my first two hours of gameplay was really disappointing.

I can’t see where the remaster begins. I mean there are some touched up textures here and there, but there’s also some really muddy ones too. Here’s a good example:


Those are the steps leading down into Rapture right after the plane crash at the beginning of the game. Some things look better in the remaster, but some things look worse too… like those stairs.

The only big difference that I noticed while playing was the draw distance. Instead of everything being super close to my face I could see everything a lot better. The lighting is supposed to be better, but I honestly prefer the original. The original Bioshock felt creepy with how dark everything was and in this remaster everything just looks too clean to me.


The big daddy looks better, but not by much. I was hoping they would give more love to this game then what we got here. There were no changes to gameplay, and the exact same bugs that were around back in 2007 along with some new ones. I can’t even change the graphical options. Basic options like Texture quality, DoF, and AA are missing in the options menu.

I was incredibly disappointed when I realized I couldn’t take the settings up. So far this remaster is nothing more then a cash grab. Well… for consoles it is anyway. PC gamers got this for free today so I don’t think I’ll allow myself to get too mad about this, but it’s extremely disappointing so far.

The game itself is fantastic and well worth playing through if you haven’t already. I haven’t tried Bioshock 2 yet, but when I get to installing it I’ll be sure to let everyone know what I think of it.

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