Black Desert Online First Impression

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A friend of mine gave me a key that gives me one free week to play Black Desert and honestly my experience has been pretty underwhelming. 

Black Desert Online is a beautiful game if you can run it on it’s highest graphical settings. The character creator is awesome and the gameplay is really good too, but I couldn’t help thinking of playing another MMO while I was playing the game.

For all of it’s beauty the core game itself, so far, is pretty average. Every quest that I’ve completed so far are just kill quest and it quickly got a little boring to me. Playing as a wizard is badass, but I don’t see this game lasting me as long as games like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars The Old Republic, and The Secret World.


The generic questing really brought my experience down. I was hoping for a questing system similar to any of the three games that I mentioned above, but instead it felt more like Tera, and Neverwinter. The gameplay itself is a lot of fun in my opinion and that ultimately saved it from being uninstalled from my computer. I’m going to do more exploring and try out some of the other features that this game has to offer before I give my final judgement on it.

The character creator is probably the best we’ve ever had in any MMO to date and I like how big and open the world is. Black Desert is a huge game and I want to explore all of it. I think the meat of this game lies in it’s exploration instead of it’s endless grinding by doing repetitive quest.

I’m about 2 and half hours in the game and I’m only level 10. I’m hoping that my opinion on Black Desert will change as I continue to play as my Wizard, but I won’t hide the fact that I’m disappointed in Black Desert so far even though my wife really likes the game.


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Share Your Thoughts!