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Black Desert Online Review

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After 40 hours of gameplay, and three characters I’m ready to call it quits in Black Desert Online. This is the worst MMO I’ve played in the last 5 years. 

When Black Desert was first announced I was really excited about it. The gameplay looked really good, the world was beautiful, and the character creator was one of the best I’ve ever seen. When it released over here in the West I was excited about having the chance to play it and all of that faded when I realized how shallow the game was.

This is my review for Black Desert Online.

The Great:



No one can call this a ugly game. Black Desert Online is one of the best looking MMOs on the market. Some the areas in this game are breathtaking and character models are fantastic. The few armor sets that aren’t in the cash shop look good too.

The particles, water, shadows, clothes, and everything else in this game is a real treat on the eyes, but that’s one of the only things that this game offers you.

The Good:


This would be great if I had never played Vindictus. Vindictus, in my opinion, has the best gameplay in any MMO ever made. Black Desert feels like a open world Vindictus game, but lacks the quality of that game. Black Desert is a huge game, but it’s a shallow one. The combat is where it’s at in this game, but the enemies you fight are brain dead and don’t really fight back. The boss fights were interesting, but pale in comparison to other MMOs.

I’ll never forget randomly walking through a swamp in Guild Wars and finding a gigantic world boss that took 30+ players to kill. It was awesome and I’ll never forget the feeling when we finally beat it. Black Desert doesn’t have moments like that and it’s a shame.

The Bad:


The sound quality is very poor in this MMO. The skills, and weapons sound good, but the voice acting, and soundtrack is really bad. The voice acting is the worst I’ve heard all year long. It’s worst than Bombshell’s voice acting and I didn’t think that was possible. The soundtrack is your average soundtrack that you’ve heard in countless other Korean MMOs.

It’s A AFK Simulator:


The biggest thing that bothered me about this game is how it rewards you for doing absolutely nothing. I have a friend that has hundreds of hours in this game, but that’s not because he actually sat there and played it for 300+ hours. It’s because you can get in game money by doing absolutely nothing. If you leave your PC on all day and night while your character is fishing all you’ll have to do when you decide to take over is go and spend your fish for thousands upon thousands of gold.

The same thing applies to leveling up your strength, and other stats on character page. There’s an option in the game to make your character walk back and forth with a heavy backpack on so you can increase you strength and people actually justify this feature in the game. I play a game to actually play it not watch my character go fishing or walk for 100+ hours to take my stats up. Fuck that shit.


The story, if that’s what you want to call it, is complete shit in Black Desert Online. You start the game off by waking up and guess what? You don’t remember who you are! That’s never been done before right? Just about every story quest has me going from point A to B talking to NPCs and killing mobs of enemies. Your black blob will occasionally grow after you complete certain missions and that’s about it. There’s not one memorable moment in the story and I refuse to find out what happens next because It’s so uninteresting.

It’s Huge, but It’s Shallow:

Black Desert is one of the biggest MMOs out there. It has hundreds of hours of content, but it’s about as deep as a puddle of water. It’s a incredibly shallow game. I tried my best to grind my berserker up to level 50. I really did, but this game is so repetitive that I couldn’t do it. This game doesn’t even try to hide it’s repetitiveness at all. It just throws the exact same missions at you over, and over, and over again. Once I reached level 30 I was done. I have two level 30s and a level 19 character.

It’s Pay To Win:

Black Desert Online

Black Desert wasn’t always pay to win. When I played the game months ago it wasn’t pay to win, but recent decisions from the developers have shifted the game in that direction. Items that speed up the progression of your game, costumes that give your character stat bonuses, and movement bonuses can be found in the cash shop so you could actually just pay your way to the top if you wanted to. If you have $30 to pay for one costume you can anway…

A pay to win system shouldn’t be in a buy to play game. They’re usually found in some free to play games, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one in a buy to play game that I suspect will go free to play next year because of it’s declining playerbase. There’s only one busy server in the entire game.

The Verdict:

Black Desert Online is a bad MMO. There’s no other way to put it. It’s pay to win, shallow, has good gameplay, but lacks everywhere else. It’s repetitive, boring, and you’ll be rewarded by doing absolutely nothing. It’s the worst MMO I’ve played in a really long time and I don’t think it’ll get better. The way things are headed with this game will only make it worst as it continues to “develop”.


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