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Blade and Soul First Impression

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Every MMO enthusiast knows about Blade and Soul by now. It’s long-awaited western release has finally arrived and after waiting in insanely long queue times I finally got a taste of the action. Β 

I love martial arts based games. There aren’t many good ones to choose from. A good majority of them are on the PC platform. Consoles haven’t had a good martial arts game since Jade Empire. Blade and Soul just might be the best Martial Arts MMO ever made.

This game has been around for four years. I got played it a little about two years ago, but I didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t understand a lot of what I was reading or what I was supposed to be doing. The ping was also really bad since I lived so far away. Blade and Soul has a good character creator. It’s not as detailed as Saints Row 2 or Black Desert, but it’s good. I created a good looking avatar and started my journey.


The English voice acting isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. It’s somewhere in between ranging from good to mediocre. The graphics have aged very well. Blade and Soul looks fantastic when everything is maxed out. It’s one of the better looking MMOs out there, but you can see it’s age in some of the wall, and ground textures.

The gameplay is where this game shines though. I can grapple my opponents on the ground and punch them to death. I can jump from 20 feet away and kick someone in the face. I can counter attack and deliver a nasty kick to the face. Blade and Soul’s gameplay is probably the best in any martial arts MMO to date. It’s that much better for me because it’s in my native language and I actually know what I’m doing now.


Since this game is free to play I have no problem recommending this to everyone that loves martial arts themed games. You’ll fall in love with the atmosphere, graphics, and gameplay in this game. The quest, so far, are nothing special. The main quest is pretty interesting so far, but all of the side quest are your standard MMO type quest, but since this game is actually fun to play I don’t really mind it right now. That could change as I continue to play though.

Blade and Soul is a solid game so far. I’m really enjoying it and if I can get back in today I would love to keep playing as my character. That probably won’t happen until tomorrow because of the long queues. .

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    Jan 21, 2016 2:56 pm

    I have been waiting on this one for a long time, then I forgot about it recently. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    • Reply
      Jan 21, 2016 3:36 pm

      You’re welcome :].

      And good luck getting in the game. The queues are insane right now.

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