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Bloodborne – The Old Hunters DLC Is Incredible

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After I earned my platinum trophy for Bloodborne I took a long break from the game. I purchased The Old Hunters DLC last year but never got around to playing it because I was all over Persona and I took an incredibly long break from my Playstation. I don’t know if something is in the air or not, but I’ve been playing my Playstation more than every other platform this month and I thought it would be a good idea to earn that last platinum trophy in Bloodborne while dying a lot in the process.

Bloodborne is incredible. When I first got my Playstation 4 Pro Spider-Man edition as a late birthday present from my wife. The very first game I bought on the console (Spider-Man came with it so it doesn’t count) was Bloodborne followed by Horizon Zero Dawn. Bloodborne was everything I hoped it would be and more. It’s not only one of the best action games ever made it’s also one of, if not the, best horror games too. It’s fantastic and I can’t get enough of it even though I’ve completed the game three times. I can see myself putting Dark Souls kinds of hours into it.

The DLC has me hooked all over again. It took me a few deaths to grasp the game again since I was away from it for so long, but once I got the hang of things I was butchering shit left and right. I love the new Nightmare areas and the boss fights are incredible. I’m currently stuck on Maria and fighting her has been one of the most rewarding experiences of any game I’ve ever played. I had to adjust my playstyle while fighting her. I actually had to counter-attack and that’s not something I ever did in this game.

The new weapons are really neat too and add a new layer of complexity to the game in my opinion. I want to track them all down and use them. My favorite, at the moment, is the Whirligig Saw. All you have to do is hold down L2 and shit dies. A close second is Beastcutter. I haven’t tried out every weapon I found yet so this could always change. What I’m enjoying the most about this DLC is the difficulty of it. It could be because I’m on NG +4, but most enemies in this DLC can kill me with one to two hits so I’ve got to always bring my A-game in battle.

Most bosses can swipe me away like a fly and it’s both frustrating and incredibly satisfying once I manage to beat them. I’m doing everything solo (I don’t have PS Plus) and I’m loving every second of it. The Old Hunters is exactly what I wanted. More Bloodborne and it has not disappointed me at all. From Software has always made some really great DLC for their Soulsborne games and that continued with this quality made DLC. I still have a ways to go before I finish it and I’ll be sure to update this and my review of the game once I do.

Have you played the Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne? What did you think of it?

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Share Your Thoughts!