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Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced Edition Is A Buggy Mess on PC

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You’ve gotta give Gearbox credit for trying to please the PC community after they dropped that bombshell that Borderlands 3 will be exclusive to Epic for 6 months. Well… they fucked up again because Borderlands 1 is damn near unplayable on PC for a lot of people right now. 

I’m not here to bitch about the Epic Game Store. I already did that in Episode 4 of my podcast and if you’re curious on what I think you can find episode 4 here. Now that that’s out of the way let me tell you how my first 20 hours of Borderlands has been. For me, it’s been pretty good. I have crashed (twice), experienced a bunch of audio bugs like dialogue not finishing, and a LOT of bugs regarding the map and minimap. The minimap is a breath of fresh air for the first Borderlands game because the original one did not have one, but the original one also plays a lot better than this new one and that’s a shame. My wife is a HUGE Borderlands fan. She’s never played the first game. She’s completed part 2 (she considers that one of the best games ever made) and the Pre-sequel. She was so excited to finally be able to play the first Borderlands game and her game works like shit for her.

She’s crashed to desktop numerous times, watched as her minimap disappeared from existence for minutes at a time, watched enemies flying in the sky on her screen even though they weren’t on mine, has dialogue issues, and so much more. This game is almost broken on her system and many other people’s systems on Steam. Gearbox needs to fix this game and I hope they do because PC gamers are already pissed at them about Borderlands 3. Like I said above I’ve had a few problems. I haven’t had the majority of issues that my wife had in her game. I could be running around and all of sudden she’ll vanish from my game. Why? Because it would crash on her. And it crashes on her a LOT. This game is a lot of fun when it works for both of us. I love the first Borderlands game and from what I can tell she does too. She has fun playing it with me, but all of these issues make it hard for us to enjoy ourselves. We even considered going back to The Division 2 until all of these issues are fixed. Or just moving on to Borderlands 2 because it’s the better game in every way. 

A game should not launch like this for anyone. I know what it’s like to play broken games on launch. I lived through Total War Rome II and Batman Arkham Knight on PC. Fix your shit Gearbox. It’s the least you can after that bullshit you pulled a few days ago. 

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  • Reply
    Apr 15, 2019 1:54 am

    I am currently stuck on Moxxis quests and T bone junction because I cant go through the Roads End load screen without the game crashing. I took the GOTY as an opportunity to play this game since I found the low of fov of the original unbearable. It’s a shame this remaster ended up being so buggy. I feel like i wasted 30+ hours on goty since now I am stuck hoping they fix this game and i dont feel like redoing everything and getting back up to level 40+ and pick up where i left off…unless theres is a way to transfer saves from goty to original i’ll have to stand down from BL1 for now

    • Omar Jackson
      Apr 15, 2019 1:07 pm

      That sounds rough. I hope Gearbox releases a patch for this game. I haven’t played it since I wrote this because of the vast amount of bugs in the game.

      Good luck.

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