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Bound by FlameBound by Flame has received mix reactions from just about everyone. Most people think it’s an average game that isn’t worth the $40 price tag while others think it’s better than Dark Souls 2. Well it isn’t, at least no in my opinion anyway. Bound by Flame feels like a cheap version of the Witcher 2 and Dragon Age. The only difference is in this game you’re possessed by a fire demon. Bound by Flame has the potential to be a good game, but everything that I’ve done so far in this game is just lacking. Some characters have good voice acting while others are just terrible. I’ve seen better lip synching in Jade Empire and the gameplay is really slow, but fun at times. My main problem with the gameplay is the fact that it’s so limited.

You can only dodge as a rogue. The warrior is forced to stand there like an idiot blocking blows with his huge ass sword. There is very little to praise here. You can’t even use a shield in this game. It honestly does remind me of the Witcher series, but it’s done so poorly here that you’ve might as well just go out and buy one of those games instead of this one. They’re better games and will keep you busy longer than Bound by Flame will. The way layout of the game is done reminds me of both Dragon Age I and II. It’s incredibly linear, like all of the games are from this developer, and everything from talking to other npcs to looting corpses is very similar to Dragon Age. Some people have compared this game to Dark Souls II. I honestly don’t see the similarities.

med_bound_by_flame-edwen_witchDark Souls has amazing gameplay that rewards the player for not making mistakes while Bound by Flame has a simple block/dodge, strike, kick type of system that gets boring after an hour of gameplay. I like the gameplay here, but it just doesn’t compare to Dark Souls. Hell, it doesn’t compare to Demon’s Souls. Bound by Flame is a mess of a game. I’ve been playing it for about 5 hours and I have no idea what the developers were thinking when made this game. I can’t get immersed in the game because of the shitty dialogue and voice acting that’s present throughout the game.

This type of dialogue worked for Mars War Logs because you would expect that type of language in prison, even though it was over used in most cases, but in this type of game it completely throws me off. There’s even an npc that compares his job to his dick. Yes he said dick. All of Spider’s games have the same dialogue. Of Orcs And Men suffered from this too and that’s what ultimately made me quit the game. Nothing these guys have done has been remotely good and while I do like Bound by Flame I don’t see it lasting very long like Dragon Age or The Witcher did for me.

It’s really too bad because I really wanted a new rpg to jump into, but unfortunately it’s not this one. There is a really good crafting mechanic in the game. I haven’t tinkered with it too much yet, but I have made myself a set of really badass looking armor and I love the way you can customize both your armor and weapons. It’s a great feature and one I can’t wait to abuse later in the game. Graphically Bound by Flame is pretty average. There’s nothing really beautiful about the game. Some areas look really bad, but the lighting in most areas is excellent.

I really don’t like my main character so far. He doesn’t take anything seriously and there is no point in even trying out every dialogue option available to me because I don’t like half the shit that he has to say to other people. My companions aren’t much better. They’re all annoying and just sound boring and lifeless. That’s kind of a regular thing with Spider though. They just don’t make good characters in my opinion.

I’m not surprised with Bound by Flame. My reaction right now was expected, but I am going to stick with this game a and probably do a review on it because I do like it. It just has a lot of flaws and I would advise anyone from buying this game right now. It’s not worth the $40 price tag on Steam. Wait for it to go on sale and then try it out if you want to. There are better games you can invest your money into right now.

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    The Otaku Judge
    May 11, 2014 3:05 am

    I look forward to reading the full review. Reviewing average games is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Hard job? Hard like… nevermind I will resist comparing work to genitals.

    • Omar Jackson
      May 11, 2014 7:37 am

      Lol. I agree. Reviewing average games is hard because you have to make yourself play them. Bound by Flame does have it’s moments, but for every good moment in the game there’s something bad or just plain stupid around the next corner.

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