Brock Osweiler Is The Worst QB In The NFL Right Now

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I, along with many other people, noticed how bad Brock Osweiler has been playing this season when he’s gone up against good defenses. Is it time to hit the panic button in Houston? 

The Colts fan in me loved seeing Brock Osweiler perform so badly last night. The prediction I made in my last article about us stealing the division from the Texans just might become a reality if Brock keeps playing at this level.

Last week he was praised because he went up against a poor defense, but this week was completely different. The Denver Broncos have a great defense and they shut the Texans out last night. The only points they managed to get were field goals. Brock Osweiler threw the ball 41 times. He completed 22 of 41 for 121 yards. This is one of the worst QB performances in the Superbowl era.

This man is making 70+ million dollars and he’s playing worst than most third string QBs. He got outplayed by last year’s third string QB in Seimian.

Trevor Seimian didn’t play great on Monday night, but he got the job done. Seimian threw a lot less than Osweiler, but piled up more yards per attempt and showed touch when he fired that back shoulder fade Seimian threw to Emmanuel Sanders proved that the kid has a arm and good accuracy too. Brock Osweiler lacks both of those right now, but are we being too hard on him?

He’s on a new team, in a new system, and he’s supposed to be the guy to lead the Texans to a Superbowl. That’s a lot to put on a first year QB who only has a few wins under belt, but he’s making superstar money so people expect him to play like one and that’s fair. Brock Osweiler is looking like a bust, but who knows what the future will bring for him. He might turn things around and use what Peyton Manning taught him. Or he might keep playing mediocre football. One thing I know for sure is he’s the worst QB in the NFL right now and something has to change if the Texans want to be taken seriously this year.

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Share Your Thoughts!