Broncos VS Patriots Predictions

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SP17BroncosFalconsJA3_2113This is the game that everyone wants to see. Seattle and San Francisco is just another game when compared to Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning in the AFC Championship. More importantly though this is the Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots and I think the Broncos is going to win this win. I do not think that the Denver Broncos defense is going to allow the New England Patriots to run all over them like they have did everyone this post season. Legarrette Blount will not have the monster game that he had last week. I actually don’t think it was as great as everyone said it was. Most of his TD’s was from right on the goal line except for that big run that he broke and it was against a struggling Colts defense that had a lot of injuries. They just couldn’t stop the run while the Broncos on the other hand shut the Chargers run game out. They didn’t even have 50 rushing yards and I think the Chargers have a better run game then the Patriots.

Legarrete Blount had a good game but what are the odds that he’ll have a repeat performance? Tom Brady will be forced to pass the ball more then he has this post season. Denver is going to keep Julian Edelman from making too many big plays and that will force Tom to throw to someone else. Edelman is the leading receiver for the Patriots right now and if Denver can shut him and Blount down then they’re going to the Superbowl. Last time Tom Brady led an amazing come back to win the game. That won’t happen this time. Denver has proved all season long that they learn from their mistakes and I think their defense is going to show up in this game and surprise a lot of people. Peyton Manning had the best season that any Quarterback has ever had. He’s thrown 55 Touchdowns. Peyton has a lot of weapons to throw to. I don’t think he’s ever had a team this good before. Not since Marvin Harrison.

Look for Peyton to have a big game in the air this weekend and keep an eye on Julian Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, and most definitely Wes Welker. Wes Welker is going to have a good game and show the Patriots why they should have never let him go. Also look for Moreno, and Ball to have an impact on this game too. The Broncos have a very balanced offense. They have a good running game and passing game that makes any offense very dangerous. Tom Brady doesn’t have the weapons that Peyton Manning has and that will be difference in this upcoming game. Every time Tom and Peyton went at it I think Tom always had the better team but this time Peyton has the better team. I’m curious to see if Peyton Manning can beat the New England Patriots one last time to get him back into the Superbowl.

One thing I found funny was Tom playing the “nobody believes in us” card the other day. I don’t care who the Patriots go up against they have a big chance of winning because of Tom Brady. I will never see the Patriots as underdogs in any game. They’ve won 3 Superbowls and lot of playoff games over the years. If anything everyone that goes up against them are the underdogs and not the other way around. I’ll see you guys on game day.

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