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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Review

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Castlevania is the perfect game to showcase on my Halloween Scare Fest. Who doesn’t love beating the shit out of vampires and other mythical creatures with a Belmont?

Many Castlevania fans don’t like the Lords of Shadow series simply because it isn’t like the previous Castlevania games. I’m not one of them. I think Lords of Shadow is the best game in the Castlevania franchise.

The Great:


If you’ve ever played God of War or Dante’s Inferno you’ll be right at home here. You’ll experience a ton of QTE’s, before they became overused they were actually cool back in the day, cutscenes, and some really badass combos.

Castlevania has excellent gameplay. In order to do advanced combos I needed to have the right amount of experience points to unlock them first. The same goes for my dark, and light magic skills. Experience points are the key to advancing your skills in this game. I found myself repeating chapters just so I could afford more expensive skills before a tough boss fight.

Fighting isn’t the only thing that’s great about the gameplay in this game. The platforming segments are fantastic. I had to use my whip to traverse around the stage in order to get to some hard to reach locations or solve tough puzzles. I even had to traverse an undead dragon. That was one of the better boss fights in this game. Since I brought up boss fights…

Boss Fights:

Castlevania Lords of Shadow has some pretty fantastic boss fights. Most games have great gameplay, but drop the ball on the boss fights. Games like God of War, Dantes Inferno, and this game have fantastic boss fights.

The werewolf, undead dragon, and the boss of the game immediately come to mind when I think of this game, but all of the boss fights are memorable and exciting. That’s something most games drop the ball on these days.


When Lords of Shadow first released it was probably the best looking game we had at the time. Many years later we got Lords of Shadow on PC with more graphical options and it still looked fantastic. I have no real complaints with this game in the graphics department.

Soundstrack/Voice Acting:

Every single track in this game is captivating. Every actor in this game brings their A game to the table and delivers their lines with feeling, and emotion, and Patrick Stewart is an awesome voice actor. The music that plays in the background is as good as the voice actors that talk during the many cutscenes in this game.


The Castlevania series has never been known for it’s amazing storytelling. That’s actually putting it lightly. The story has never been really good in any of the games, but Lords of Shadow has an amazing story that captivated me from the very first cutscene. We saw every ordeal that Gabriel went through and what he ultimately became at the end of his journey. To put it short it was one hell of an experience.

The Good:


I know this might come as a shock to most of you, but the DLC in this game is actually worth getting. It adds to the story and shows us what Gabriel did after the end game. I could spoil it, but I pride myself on writing spoiler free reviews despite how old the game is.

Good Replay Value:

This is a game that I’ve completed multiple times since it’s release. Every time I go back and start playing I can still have fun and that’s not something I can do with a lot of games that come out today.

cs (3)The Bad:

Fixed Camera:

The worst thing about this game has to be the fixed camera angle. I can’t change the camera to get a better view of my surroundings when I really needed it at times. Most of my deaths came from the camera angle because I wasn’t sure what to do at times.

The Verdict:

Castlevania Lords of Shadow is a fantastic game. It told a great story, has great gameplay, an amazing soundtrack, voice actors, and atmosphere. The only negative thing I think of is the bad camera in the game and some of the puzzles took forever to figure out. When a game only has one or two bad things for me to mention in a review then it’s doing something right. Castlevania Lords of Shadow is the best game in the Castlevania franchise, it’s right above Harmony of Despair, and I highly recommend this game for all action game junkies.


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