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Cat Quest Review (Switch)

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My first review of 2018 is here! I’ve reinvented my review system (again) and I’m testing it out. Here’s my review of Cat Quest on the Nintendo Switch!

The Great:

I didn’t expect much from Cat Quest. It was on sale on the Eshop and instead of buying Axiom Verge the cat lover in me had to experience this game and I’m glad I did. This is a super cute game about a cat trying to save his sister from the evil Drakoth and save the world at the same time. The story is very simplistic, but really adorable too. The dialogue is in cat language and it’s purrfect. The story is a parody of Skyrim, which instantly made me interested in the game, and instead of being the Dragonborn and absorbing dragon souls we’re the Dragonblood and our quest, like Skyrim, is to slay every dragon in sight and make the world a better place.

There are a ton of sidequest to do that tell their own little story. Quests usually last about 10 minutes a piece. They’re really short but tell some really cute stories. I visited a village of meat craving kitties that threatened to eat my main protagonist is I didn’t supply them with enough meat to eat, I’ve broken the curse of a young cat haunted by the death of his sister, and I helped the ghetto king of cats defend his empire from enemy forces. Every quest I’ve completed has made me laugh in some way. Exploring is a big part of Cat Quest. The game is quite small, but the different areas are beautiful and there was always something for me to do.

The Good

The gameplay is really simple in this game. You run around the map in a top-down view of your character and beat the crap out of fluffy animals and dragons. You can roll out of the way of enemy attacks to avoid taking damage and use spells to help you take down tougher foes. If you run out of mana all you have to do is whack an enemy and some of it will return to you. I spammed my spells while whacking shit to keep my mana filled up while doing a massive amount of damage to my foes without ever running out of mana. It’s easy to cheese the system, but I did die a few times because I got too greedy and tried delivering the killing blow with low health. This is an RPG so that means it has leveling up and customization.

There are no skill trees, unfortunately, but plenty of armor sets for me to deck my cat out in. Some of them look really badass. If I find a double of a weapon or armor piece that I already have I don’t have to worry about selling it. Finding doubles will increase the base stats of the armor set that you’re wearing and add a permanent buff to it. This made me want to find as many doubles as I could so I could take more damage in battle. I really love this mechanic. There are dungeons in this game, but they’re really simple. All of them can be completed in just a few minutes and if you’re like me you can probably run through them in less than a minute.

The Bad:

The simplicity is this games biggest fault. It doesn’t take away from the fun that I had playing it, but I do wish there was some meaty content here to keep me coming back for more. I want more complex dungeons and I would love if we got a basic skill tree that let us upgrade our characters stats instead of having everything gear based. I would love to run around in mage robes, but deal damage like a warrior with a big ass sword. It’s only a minor complaint though. Cat Quest is fantastic and I loved every minute of it. It’s the best $12 that I spent in 2017 and I recommend it to all RPG/cat lovers.

The Verdict:

Like I already mentioned above Cat Quest is fantastic and should be in your Switch library. I think the Switch version of this game is the best one. I would have never tried this game on my PC, but I’m more than willing to buy little games like this on my Switch because I can play it on the go. Cat Quest is fun, it’s adorable, and is the purrfect game for cat lovers. Buy it.


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    The Dragon's Tea Party
    Jan 05, 2018 2:53 am

    I played a demo of this at ComicCon and really enjoyed it! I didn’t know anything about the story or general what is happening though so reading this pawsitive (get it?) review has put everything in place and made me want to buy it! If I can find it anywhere not on the Switch (as I don’t have one) I’ll definitely be getting it. It’s an adorable game.

    • Reply
      Jan 05, 2018 7:07 am

      It’s on the Switch, Phones, and PC. It’s only $5 on the phone.

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