Hit or Miss – September Part 1

The boring part of gaming is over. The summer is just about over and this month is stacked with games that I want and don’t want. My hit or miss series is back! Continue reading “Hit or Miss – September Part 1”


Lets Talk About The Creation Club Controversy!

I knew the creation club would get some heat from the gaming community. Anything that we have to pay for these days is seen as a cash grab and is instantly hated on. Here’s my opinion on the subject.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About The Creation Club Controversy!”

Skyrim Special Edition Sexy Edition Part 2!

It’s back and it’s sexier than ever!  Continue reading “Skyrim Special Edition Sexy Edition Part 2!”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Review (Wii U/Switch)

My long overdue review of Breath of The Wild is finally here. Is this game truly a perfect 10/10? Read on to find out what I think of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.  Continue reading “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Review (Wii U/Switch)”

Lets Talk About The Elder Scrolls Legends!

I’ve been addicted to this game for the last few days. I haven’t touched any other game except this one and I decided to share my experience with everyone.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About The Elder Scrolls Legends!”

My Top 10 Games of All Time

After I tweeted my least favorite games I was asked what my favorite games are, but since I can’t go into great detail on Twitter due to the character limit I decided to make a post with my top 10 games of all time.  Continue reading “My Top 10 Games of All Time”

Bethesda Had A Very Weird, But Entertaining Press Conference

I had no idea what I was watching when Bethesda started broadcasting their live stream last night. I don’t think anyone was expecting what we got, but I liked it.  Continue reading “Bethesda Had A Very Weird, But Entertaining Press Conference”

Lets Talk About Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 was shown off today and… it looks like Destiny 1. If you loved the first you’ll probably love this one, but what about everyone else?  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Destiny 2!”

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda released to a mixed reaction from everyone. Some reviewers liked it while some hated it. The gaming community is same way. People hate it and people love it. Add the animation controversy to the mix and you’ve got the worst game of all time right? Read on to find out what I think of Mass Effect: Andromeda! Continue reading “Mass Effect: Andromeda Review”

Lets Talk About Mass Effect’s Hiatus!

I know I should be resting because I just got home from the hospital, but when I read something about my favorite game series of all time being put on Hiatus I had to open up my laptop, grab a soda, and start typing. Here’s what I think of Mass Effect’s Hiatus!  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Mass Effect’s Hiatus!”