Warframe Screenshots

I did a really awesome quest in Warframe about a week ago and decided to share some screenshots with everyone.  Continue reading “Warframe Screenshots”


Games I’m Playing While I Wait For Dark Souls III

The wait for Dark Souls III is going by smoothly for me. I’ve been playing random games while I wait for it’s release and it’s been fun so far.  Continue reading “Games I’m Playing While I Wait For Dark Souls III”

Warframe Review [Updated]

The last time I reviewed Warframe was two years ago and I didn’t enjoy it that much. Fast forward two years, and about 500 hours, later and I’m pretty addicted to this game.  Continue reading “Warframe Review [Updated]”

Warframe – Grinding Better Gear, And Fighting Level 100 Enemies

Tonight was a good night in Warframe. I got a lot done and I even got a chance to see what fighting level 100 enemies was like… it was awesome.  Continue reading “Warframe – Grinding Better Gear, And Fighting Level 100 Enemies”

I’m Back! [Again] And I Finally Got A Volt Prime In Warframe! :]

Hey Lunaliah here and i’m finally back. I’ve been playing Warframe a lot lately and i’m finally getting a Volt Prime. I’m so excited that I’m finally about to get my first prime Warframe :].  My man, a.k.a. Drakulus,  has a ton of prime Warframes and he doesn’t know how to share :[

Continue reading “I’m Back! [Again] And I Finally Got A Volt Prime In Warframe! :]”

Warframe – Farming Ash Is Next To Impossible

I finally got my Equinox yesterday and so far I love her, but while I was waiting the six days for Equinox to finish building I attempted to farm Ash because I really, really want one… that didn’t go so well…  Continue reading “Warframe – Farming Ash Is Next To Impossible”

I Finally Got All Of The Equinox Warframe!

After four days of hardcore grinding in Warframe I finally got the last two pieces that I needed to build my Equinox Warframe and hopefully it’s worth it.  Continue reading “I Finally Got All Of The Equinox Warframe!”

My Top 5 Favorite Warframes

I’ve been playing a whole lot of Warframe lately. Grinding, looting, and killing has never been more fun and I can literally play this game for hours before I put it down. These are my top 5 favorite Warframes at the moment.  Continue reading “My Top 5 Favorite Warframes”