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Tetris Attack – Classic Review

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Classic Fridays! PC – Paperboy 2 (1991)

Hello, Minions! I suppose this could be proof that I was originally a PC gamer. All those many years before this one dawned the “ThatLady” honor, my father and his friend worked together to build a computer. In the early 90’s computers were considerably shallow and barren compared to what we have today but it was still an amazing feat for a mostly inept alcoholic to put together a whole computer enough for his beautiful daughter to get in on some amazing early gaming. ‘Cause as we know, computers were only really expensive Super Nintendos. Here we have, Paperboy:

If you ever play this game, don’t go about it like this guy did. Although, I doubt anyone would subject themselves to this kind of crazy. Except maybe this guy here:

Ah, how the memories never fade away! I don’t think as a kid I figured out what the brakes were so I was speeding through there with all reckless abandon tossing papers at all mailboxes without prejudice! That’s how I toss, it’s all or nothin’. I’ll rain down a rainbow of color coated chao– Paperboy 2 has quite the many releases all throughout ’91 and ’92. On the PC, Atari, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, Game Gear– JEEZ, that’s just the ones I know of!

Let’s see if I can try and remember a title from my past. Thanks again, Minions for tuning into another week of Classic Fridays! I hope you enjoyed this week’s game. Seriously, I played this game to death as a kid. Until next update!

Classic Friday! Spider (1997)

Hello again, Minions! Welcome to another installment of Classic Friday with your beloved Mistress and Future-Ruler-Of-The-World, ThatLady. This week I shall cover one of my nostalgic childhood favorites!

Press Start


Spider (1997) was a 3D side scrolling game where you could control a spider with questionable amount of acquirable artillery. In this game you play a spider created from SCIENCE where the scientist transfers his thoughts to his experiment, like a mind remote. Being monitored by the company he works for, they swiftly swoop in and beat/kill the scientists. Luckily, he can still live through the spider to seek out his revenge. All one inch of it. (Insert “That’s What She Said” Joke)


playstation-35064-11316065870 (1)   This game had pretty much what you’d remember from video games back then; lives, a health bar, and a status overview. The spider view on the bottom center shows off what attacks and upgrades you’ve collected. You can acquire anything from missile launchers, flamethrowers, blades, boomerangs, poison gas that strangely works like flamethrowers… anything your arachnid-fearing heart would ever desire. Hm, maybe I should have put more thought into the ending of that sente– SPIDERS! That made me giggle just a little.



The one thing I can always say about this game is how much I like the stage designs. They always seem to capture the mood and/or the overall theme of each location you visit. The music in this game is still pretty great. In Spider, your collectables are these little chromosomes, pick up a certain amount and you gain an extra life. Y’know, the usual.


spider12   The enemies in this game ranges from other insects like wasps, other spiders that explode when killed, and some other creepy crawlies. There are also birds and the perilous elements like water, fire, and electricity. As what comes expected from a spider, your means of conveying through these levels spans farther than just holding the left and right directional buttons. You can also climb walls and ceilings, even drop down from a web and swing yourself to another platform!

I feel like even for a Playstaion game Spider‘s graphics still hold up today even if it looks less like a spider nowadays than when I was a kid. It still plays well, overall, definitely a game worth playing again.

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Classic Friday! Playstation – Jumping Flash (1995)

Jumping Flash!


Minions! Your Mistress presents to you Japan’s own fever dream, Jumping Flash! A robo-bunny with all the neat little rockets and tech that helps him ascend! In a… flash?  Help defend your shattered planet from an evil astrophysicist as you play the epic robotic rodent, Robbit!

Let’s begin with how frickin’ weird this game is. You play this bouncy, robotic rabbit who collects these carrot things, has lasers and can bounce on enemies to kill them, and you save the day. Pretty simple concept overall and I’ll be very honest, it’s been SO many years since I’ve played this game.

Something like this, Minions.

Maybe when I was younger I was just not used to the whole anime/Japanese style of things but back in 1995 I had no idea I was playing a rabbit. Even the little rabbit icon at the bottom didn’t really look like a rabbit to me back then. Hell, by that time I didn’t even know there were Japanese cartoons; I was watching Kiki’s Delivery Service almost a hundred times thinking it was just another cute odd film. Final Fantasy: Legend of The Crystal animated film was just a cartoon to me. It wasn’t until Toonami that I truly understand what anime was. Good ol’ harem anime like Tenchi Muyo, action/sci-fi like Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop, and shonen anime like Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho; Toonami, like many others, opened my loving eyes to the animation world and its many diversities. Jumping Flash, just like ESPN Extreme Sports, was my first few Playstation games that opened my eyes to these kinds of 3D games.

The levels in this game were pretty diverse for the time, it’s a fun little mind-fuck.

From what I’m told from a very reliable source that in no way happens to be my best friend and is totally profes– Stone her, she has a bias opinion!!— Okay, stop right there! From what I hear, this game may not hold up graphically but it plays well enough for a ’95 game and the humor really makes up for those who may feel the game lacks in too many other places. For memory’s sake, I’ll have to download this game and play it for myself.

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Classic Friday – Pokemon Red Review

Pokemon Red ruled my childhood. Everyday when I got home from school I would jump on Pokemon Red and play until bedtime. Some of my best gaming memories is playing through that game for the very first time. In Pokemon Red you play as… Red. Your goal is to catch as many Pokemon as you can and beat every gym leader along the way. It’s a simple objective, but a very addictive one. I don’t think I have to tell anyone how to catch Pokemon by now so I’ll just skip that part and talk about the gameplay.

Pokemon has turn based gameplay. The first Pokemon in your party will always be the one chosen first in battle. You’ll get to choose from four moves on your move list and watch as your Pokemon performs the selected action. During your travels you’ll often encounter your rival, Blue or Gary since that’s who he technically is, and he’ll challenge you to a quick battle. The Pokemon games were hard unlike the crap that’s X&Y. Your rival will always have pretty beefed up Pokemon in his team so it’s best that you be prepared with a good strategy every time you encounter him.

46817-pokemonred-gameboy-color-edition-fullThere are 8 gym leaders in Pokemon Red. Each gym has different types of Pokemon for you to fight so you’ll need to have a proper strategy in order to win. Or you could just choose Squirtle and own almost every gym in the game with little to no trouble. In addition to regularly fighting your rival you’ll also regularly have to fight Team Rocket. They’re usually trying to steal other people’s Pokemon or are secretly trying to recruit tough trainers to their cause. It’s a fun distraction from your main goal which is to collect all the badges and become a Pokemon Master.

To this day I still think that Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, and their remakes have the best Legendary Pokemon. They were difficult to catch but when I finally did get one of them I felt like a true Pokemon Master back then. Is Pokemon Red still fun to play? It is and isn’t. Pokemon Red has aged very badly. It actually hurt my eyes looking at the screen now but that doesn’t take away all of the fun that I had in past with it. Pokemon Red was a rewarding experience for anyone patient enough to actually try and catch every Pokemon in the game. Even if you managed to catch them all you didn’t actually have them all. Pokemon Red’s counterpart, Pokemon Blue, had some exclusive Pokemon that you could only catch in that version of the game. You would either need a friend to trade you or go out and buy yourself another copy of the game along with another gameboy so you can trade yourself.

One thing that I’ve never liked about any Pokemon game is the fact that you can’t make every Pokemon evolve the normal way. You’re forced to trade other players in order to make Pokemon like Haunter and Machoke evolve into their stage. This is annoying because I don’t have any friends near me that I can trade or would even want to trade. I like playing Pokemon by myself and being forced into trading limits the experience for me. Pokemon Red is a classic and the beginning of a long line of Pokemon games.

Pokem0n has become one of if not the most successful game series of all time and to this day it still follows this exact same formula. That’s both a blessing and a curse but that’s a completely different topic for a different day.

Our Verdict: 8/10

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