Absolver Review

Absolver is the new fighting game on the block. It’s different than your average Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat games. Read on to find out what I think of Absolver!  Continue reading “Absolver Review”


Hit or Miss – September Part 2

Here’s part 2 to my hit or miss series for September! Continue reading “Hit or Miss – September Part 2”

Lets Talk About Monster Hunter World!

Monster Hunter World has a release date and it’s coming sooner than everyone thought it would.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Monster Hunter World!”

Hit or Miss – September Part 1

The boring part of gaming is over. The summer is just about over and this month is stacked with games that I want and don’t want. My hit or miss series is back! Continue reading “Hit or Miss – September Part 1”

Lets Talk About The Creation Club Controversy!

I knew the creation club would get some heat from the gaming community. Anything that we have to pay for these days is seen as a cash grab and is instantly hated on. Here’s my opinion on the subject.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About The Creation Club Controversy!”

Lets Talk About Path of Exile!

I randomly decided to revisit Path of Exile and test out my birthday present that came in the mail yesterday and I’m addicted to this game again.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Path of Exile!”

Skyrim Special Edition Sexy Edition Part 2!

It’s back and it’s sexier than ever!  Continue reading “Skyrim Special Edition Sexy Edition Part 2!”

Lets Talk About Pixel Privateers!

I’ve spent the better part of my day playing Pixel Privateers with my wife. We originally gave up on the game but decided to give it another chance.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Pixel Privateers!”

Here’s Some More Skyrim Special Edition Mods!

I’m modding Skyrim, again, and decided to share some new ones that I recently downloaded.  Continue reading “Here’s Some More Skyrim Special Edition Mods!”