Hit or Miss – September Part 2

Here’s part 2 to my hit or miss series for September! Continue reading “Hit or Miss – September Part 2”


Lets Talk About Monster Hunter World!

Monster Hunter World has a release date and it’s coming sooner than everyone thought it would.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Monster Hunter World!”

Hit or Miss – September Part 1

The boring part of gaming is over. The summer is just about over and this month is stacked with games that I want and don’t want. My hit or miss series is back! Continue reading “Hit or Miss – September Part 1”

Lets Talk About The Creation Club Controversy!

I knew the creation club would get some heat from the gaming community. Anything that we have to pay for these days is seen as a cash grab and is instantly hated on. Here’s my opinion on the subject.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About The Creation Club Controversy!”

Hit or Miss – July

There’s not much to look forward to this month, but I decided to make a hit or miss for what few games are releasing. Here’s my July edition of Hit or Miss.  Continue reading “Hit or Miss – July”

Nex Machina Review

Housemarque hasn’t released a game on PC in quite awhile. All of their games tend to favor the Playstation consoles. Nex Machina is a twin stick shooter about killing robots. So how is it?  Continue reading “Nex Machina Review”

Lets Talk About Cryptark and Nex Machina!

I have two games I want to talk about today and they’re both local co op twin stick shooters!  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Cryptark and Nex Machina!”

My Top 10 E3 Games!

I enjoyed this year’s E3. I know I didn’t give any company a A for their presentations, but I still enjoyed the show and I’m here to give my top 10 games that were shown off at E3!  Continue reading “My Top 10 E3 Games!”

Lets Talk About Sony’s E3 Press Conference!

I enjoyed Sony’s approach to this year’s E3. It was a no bullshit, or gimmick and just games approach. And I enjoyed it…  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Sony’s E3 Press Conference!”

Bethesda Had A Very Weird, But Entertaining Press Conference

I had no idea what I was watching when Bethesda started broadcasting their live stream last night. I don’t think anyone was expecting what we got, but I liked it.  Continue reading “Bethesda Had A Very Weird, But Entertaining Press Conference”