Exclusive Interview With EndNight Games

I had a chance to to have an email interview with the developers of highly anticipated game, The Forest. The Forest is a survival horror first person game that has you wandering around a forest filled with monsters. After a long wait I finally got an email with the answers to my questions that I asked almost 10 days ago. Here is the interview.

Drakulus – What inspired you to make The Forest?


One of the main inspirations for The Forest came from cannibal horror films from the 70’s and 80s. We thought that the imagery from these movies would make a great world setting. You are in a forest inhabited by cannibal mutants, what happens next?


Drakulus – It has been stated that The Forest is an open world game. How big is it?


It’s a bit difficult to say. The world is still evolving. We wanted to make a world that is big enough to explore but dense with content. Early Access is just a taste.


Drakulus – In the last trailer I saw quite a lot of menacing looking monsters and honestly they were creepy. How many different weapons are in the game? I think so far all I’ve seen is an axe.


New weapons are being added all the time, and no plans to stop during alpha. We don’t want to show off too much of what you can find in order to not ruin the suspense and urgency. If everyone knew what to expect, they would just run for those items.


Drakulus – Can we mix and match different things we find out in the world to create our own unique weapons?


The weapon system isn’t dynamic, but you can upgrade or reinforce the things you wield. There are some fun and unnatural combinations everyone should be pleased with.


Drakulus – How far along is the game right now? Do you have an official release date yet?


May 22nd is the Early Access release date on Steam. It’ll be an alpha, so everyone will be able to see the game progress through updates.


Drakulus – Will The Forest have quests or some type of main goal in the game?


We wanted to make a game where you are thrown into a situation. There will be a story, but it will be up to you if you want to discover it. We wanted to give players freedom to do what they want, in a lush interesting world.


Drakulus – Will there be other npc’s for you to talk to or are you completely alone?

You won’t be completely alone, but there won’t be any npc’s or people to talk to. How you survive is up to you.


That answer to that last question was a bit confusing. Will you have a pet dog or something that you can talk to whenever you’re bored? Oh well, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this game next month if it’s priced right. We’ll have a chance to see first hand what The Forest is like and hopefully it’ll make me a fan of survival horror games again. It is disappointing the way the story of the game will be told. It honestly reminds me of Dark Souls a little. I would prefer a story driven experience over “go find the story for yourself”, but hopefully there is indeed some type of story that explains why you’re trapped in that forest and how you got there.

The Forest will go into alpha on May 22.

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My Interview With Meridian’s Creator, Ede Tarsoly

Over the last few days I’ve been talking back and forth with Ede Tarsoly, the sole creator of Meridian: New World, and he gave me some insight on what led him to create the Meridian and even the price he had to pay to create this beautiful game alone. Here is the interview.

Drakulus – What made you want to make this game?

Ede Tarsoly – I always loved sci-fi stories, ever since I started reading Asimov’s works, I wanted to tell my own story. I had an idea in mind for seven years which my brother and I kept adding ideas to. We had a lot of ideas, and soon it became clear that this just had to become a game. I love RTS games which is why I chose this genre, and even though many people are surprised by the fact that it’s single player only, in my mind there was never any doubt that it just had to be this way — I just had to tell the story.

Drakulus – How did you do this alone?

Ede Tarsoly – I had to work a lot, even put life on hold at times. I also had help from three friends with the graphics of the game.

Drakulus – Will there be multiplayer in the future or is this just a single player experience?

Ede Tarsoly – I might get around to it after release, but this isn’t set in stone and it would be an expansion / DLC to Meridian anyway, so as it stands — no, Meridian: New World will most likely never have multiplayer.

Drakulus: Meridian is in early access right now. How much longer do you think it’ll take for before it’s finished? Do you have a timetable or is it too early to tell right now?

Ede Tarsoly – I would say it’ll be completed before the end of summer.

Drakulus – You mentioned DLC and even an expansion. If Meridian: New World doesn’t have multiplayer will we see some single player DLC in the future or possibly an expansion?

Ede Tarsoly – I’d really like to do a single player expansion at some point, but this is really not set in stone and I’d prefer to not promise it at this point. It depends on too many things at the moment.

And there you have it. My entire interview with Ede Tarsoly, the mastermind behind Meridian: New World.

I would like to thank Ede for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with me and answer so many of my questions. Meridian: New World is already a really solid game and it’s not even finished yet. If what Ede said is true then we could be looking at the whole game before summer is over. Meridian New World is in early access right now on Steam and if any of you are interested in purchasing the game just click on that link down below.

Meridian New World Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/265120/

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