Lets Talk About The Division 1.8 Patch!

The long awaited patch for The Division is finally here and it makes a lot of changes to the game. Here’s what I think of it so far.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About The Division 1.8 Patch!”


Lets Talk About Dark Souls II: Scholar of The First Sin!

I’ve completed the original Dark Souls II game multiple times, but I’ve never played the Scholar of The First Sin edition until yesterday.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Dark Souls II: Scholar of The First Sin!”

Lets Talk About Skyrim!

It’s about time for me to start playing Skyrim again. I’ve been teasing myself by listening to the soundtrack and looking at some really cool mods that I want to download.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Skyrim!”

Lets Talk About Assassin’s Creed Origins!

The last 10 hours of my life have gone into the latest installment in the longrunning Assassin’s Creed franchise and in just that short amount of time I have no problems with calling this the best Assassin’s Creed game ever made.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Assassin’s Creed Origins!”

Lets Talk About Super Mario Odyssey!

I know I’m late to the party, but I finally got around to playing Super Mario Odyssey and it’s great so far! Continue reading “Lets Talk About Super Mario Odyssey!”

Lets Talk About Fire Emblem Warriors!

I caved and bought a copy of Fire Emblem Warriors from Ebay and it finally came in the mail yesterday. I’ve been playing it nonstop and it’s great fun so far.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Fire Emblem Warriors!”

Lets Talk About Deemo!

Deemo is a neat little music game that dropped on the Switch recently and it was completely overlooked. I own this game on my phone and decided to see how well it plays on the Switch.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Deemo!”

Lets Talk About Divinity: Original Sin 2!

The only game I purchased last month was this one and I forgot to write about it because the last 100 hours of my life has gone into playing this game everyday since I bought it.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Divinity: Original Sin 2!”

Lets Talk About Middle Earth: Shadow of War!

The new Middle Earth game is here and it’s great, tedious, and repetitive at the same time! Here’s my first impression of it so far.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Middle Earth: Shadow of War!”