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Lights Out Review

I made the mistake of watching this before I went to bed :). It’s a good movie that has one big flaw. Here’s my review for Lights Out! Continue reading Lights Out Review


Top 10 Disney Songs Of All Time

I have four kids. That means I watch a lot of cartoons, and Disney movies. I love introducing my kids to movies that I grew up watching as a kid and I decided to share my top 10 Disney songs of all time with everyone.  Continue reading Top 10 Disney Songs Of All Time

Exorcist: The Beginning Review

I’ve been on a bit of a horror movie spree these past few days. I know it’s not October yet, but I really felt like watching some old horror movies and writing about them. This is the first of many reviews to come.  Continue reading Exorcist: The Beginning Review

Fantastic Four Review

I just wasted an hour and a half of my life and I can’t get it back… This movie literally gave me brain cancer.  Continue reading Fantastic Four Review