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47 Ronin Trailer Thoughts

awesome47 Ronin is Keanu Reeves latest movie. I haven’t seen him on the big screen in a while and this movie looks badass. There are a lot of good looking things that I saw in the trailer. The first of them being Keanu Reeves kicking some ass with a katana. The second is Hiroyuki Sananda. He’s one of my favorite actors and it’s awesome that both he and Keanu Reeves will be in this movie. The third awesome thing about this movie is Rinko Kikuchi. She’s also pretty awesome and i’m really excited to see what she will bring to the table in this movie. Any movie that’s based off of the Ronin is something that I have to watch. I’ve always been attracted to Japanese films, and their history. I love watching old Samurai movies and this one looks very promising so far.

47 Ronin is a fictionalized take on the story of the 47 ronin that took revenge on a court official that had their master commit badassseppuku. Keanu Reeves portrays a man named Kai, a half British half Japanese outcast that is called upon by Oishi, the leader of the 47. The 47 wants revenge on Lord Kira, who just so happens to have a witch on his side [Rinko Kikuchi].

The movie looks breathtakingly good and from what i’ve seen from the trailer the visual effects are awesome. I haven’t seen a good samurai flick since The Last Samurai and I hope this movie can live up to that kind of potential. 47 Ronin releases on Christmas Day and I plan on having my ass glued to a chair on that day. So far Christmas Day has a solid lineup of movies. I plan on seeing this and Grudge Match in the same day. I have high hopes for 47 Ronin and I hope when I do get a chance to see it i’ll be able to write a kickass review on it.

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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Thoughts

9E302D7A-F922-77CA-E8D311289EED9C59I know i’m late to the game on this trailer but there’s a reason for that. I thought the first Amazing Spiderman Movie was good but not great and honestly I’m not really excited about the sequel but I the trailer did kick some ass in my opinion. The Amazing Spider Man had some of everything in it. Peter meets Harry Osborn and they’re trying to figure out why he’s being watched. Apparently his father, Norman Osborn, looks like he’s dying or he’s just had a bad day at the office but I do know that it’s not good. A host of new villains has been introduced in the movie. Green Goblin, Electro, and Rhino. The first two villains look awesome. The Green Goblin looks a lot better then he did back in the first Spiderman movie and that fight I saw Spider Man in with Electro was awesome. Rhino on the other hand looks like the megazoid from Power Rangers and i’m still scratching my head about what I saw.

I have a lot of questions after watching that trailer and that’s a really good thing. For starters who is that old man that walked passed Doctor Octopus’s arms, and Vulture Wings. Is that Harry Osborn? It can’t be because we saw him in the bed right but it could be. After watching the trailer to The Amazing Spider Man 2 I’ll admit that i’m excited and looking forward to watching the movie when it releases. I’m worried that Rhino might suck but if two of the three villains are good then i’ll be happy. As long as it’s not as bad as Spider Man 3 then I think we can all go home happy campers. The Amazing Spider Man 2 is most definitely a hit!

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