Black Desert Online Screenshots

One thing this game does is make your jaw drop at how beautiful the character models, and world is. Here’s some screenshots.  Continue reading “Black Desert Online Screenshots”


Skyrim Screenshots

This month was my Skyrim month. I wanted to hit my backlog, but I also wanted to give Skyrim Special Edition a fair chance so I decided to boot it up and try it. 70 hours later I’m still playing it…  Continue reading “Skyrim Screenshots”

Civilization VI Screenshots

I’ve been addicted to Civilization VI since I brought it. I decided to share some of the screenshots of my current playthrough with Rome.  Continue reading “Civilization VI Screenshots”

My New Dark Souls 3 Character

Since the DLC is right around the corner I decided to create a brand new character and prepare for it.  Continue reading “My New Dark Souls 3 Character”

The Witcher 3 Screenshots

I’m officially at the end of the main game in The Witcher 3 and I’m finally ready to start Hearts of Stone, and Blood and Wine.  Continue reading “The Witcher 3 Screenshots”

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots

It’s never too late to post new screenshots of Dragon Age Inquisition in my opinion. Here’s a few screenshots of my three new inquisitors.  Continue reading “Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots”