I Got Back Into Xcom 2

Since I completed Pokemon Moon I decided to go back to a game that I haven’t played since May. My first two hours into my new save game was chaotic, and incredibly difficult.  Continue reading “I Got Back Into Xcom 2”


Something Interesting Happened To Me While Exploring in Fallout 4

I’ve been playing Fallout 4 on and off for quite some time now. I’m about 30 hours into my second playthrough and I already have a pretty great story to tell.  Continue reading “Something Interesting Happened To Me While Exploring in Fallout 4”

My Starbound Home and Settlement

I’m about 55 hours into Starbound so far and I’ve only done two of the main quest in the game. I’ve been really distracted building new homes and exploring the vast, but bland, universe in the game.  Continue reading “My Starbound Home and Settlement”

Van Helsing Final Cut Gameplay

Van Helsing Final Cut is out. It combines all three previous Van Helsing games into one large game. How good is it?  Continue reading “Van Helsing Final Cut Gameplay”

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Is Horrible

I went over to The Cursed Son’s house on Halloween with my brats and watched him play some Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and it literally made me sleepy… Continue reading “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Is Horrible”

Happy Halloween With F.E.A.R. 3

Happy Halloween everyone :]. I thought it was a good idea to share some gameplay of F.E.A.R. 3 with everyone. I hope you enjoy the video and if I’m too loud let me know and make some adjustments with my mic.  Continue reading “Happy Halloween With F.E.A.R. 3”

My First 10 Hours of Mad Max

Mad Max is an interesting game that some people have confused for a movie licensed title. Well… it’s not. Don’t let other reviews you’ve read confuse you on that. Mad Max [so far] is an excellent game.  Continue reading “My First 10 Hours of Mad Max”

Zombi [PC] First Impression

Zombi U is one of my all time favorite zombie games. I had to get it on PC to see if it’s as good as it was on the Wii U and so far I’m really impressed with it.  Continue reading “Zombi [PC] First Impression”

60 Hours Of The Witcher 3 And I’m Still Not Done Yet

I’ve already put in 60 hours in The Witcher 3 and I’m not even close to finishing the game yet. I actually just got to Novigrad yesterday and that city is huge.  Continue reading “60 Hours Of The Witcher 3 And I’m Still Not Done Yet”

Dark Souls II – First Boss Fight

I take back what I said about not having any problems with Dark Souls II. I think I’ve died close to 50 times already. More than half of those deaths were by stupidity to be honest. I can be rolling out of the way from enemies and accidentally fall off the cliff. This has happened so many times already. I want to throw my controller just thinking about it, but that’s a good thing. Only Dark Souls can make me feel that way. It actually took me two hours to find my first boss. I had no idea where I was going or what I was supposed to be doing. Does that sound familiar?

2014-04-25_00037When I finally did make it to the first boss I didn’t expect to be knocked off a cliff. It wasn’t enough room to maneuver and I died about 3 times before I figured out that there was a switch that made the ground rise up so you could have a fair fight with this guy. I felt cheated… and really stupid for not realizing it sooner. After I did that I beat the boss easily because I had more room to maneuver. I timed my rolls perfectly and only went in or a quick strike when he did heavy blows. It took awhile, but it worked and twenty minutes later I was awarded a boss soul for all my trouble.

I decided to head back to Majula to restock on supplies and more importantly level my character up so I can start using some of the preorder bonus items that I got. The weird thing about that is I didn’t preorder this game and still got the items. Dark Souls II is a true Souls game. You’re going to die a lot, but not from the enemies. At least not in my case. I died a lot from the environments because I roll to damn much and when I do bother to block it doesn’t help. That might be because I’m just a squishy mage.

I also had a chance to fight that knight from the trailer of the game. I beat him easily with my spells. I tried talking to him but couldn’t so I killed him. I hope that decision doesn’t bit me in the ass later on in the game.

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