Why I still Have Hope For a True Pokemon Game Coming To The Nintendo Switch

I’ve been incredibly disappointed these last few days since Nintendo announced that the only Pokemon game we’re getting on the Switch this year was released on the Wii U previously, but if we’re going by history then we could expect to see one of the core games on the Switch soon.  Continue reading “Why I still Have Hope For a True Pokemon Game Coming To The Nintendo Switch”


Lets Talk About Pokemon Revolution Online!

I’ve spent the last few days getting acquainted with Pokemon Revolution Online. It’s a massive Pokemon MMO that spans multiple regions and allows us to play with other people.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Pokemon Revolution Online!”

I Don’t Want A Open World Pokemon Game…

The only games I’ve been playing lately are different Pokemon games. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Moon, and Pokemon Omega Ruby have all been my go to games while I enjoy binge watching some new TV shows that I’ve gotten into. I’ve read a lot about how people want a full open world Pokemon game and I don’t. Here’s why… Continue reading “I Don’t Want A Open World Pokemon Game…”

Top 10 Most Terrifying Pokemon

Most people consider Pokemon a game for children. The Pokemon on this list might make you reconsider that… Continue reading “Top 10 Most Terrifying Pokemon”

Pokemon Sun/Moon Review

Pokemon Sun/Moon is the long awaited 7th generation of Pokemon games. Is it any good?  Continue reading “Pokemon Sun/Moon Review”

My Pokemon Moon Team

My team in Pokemon Moon has been switched around a lot, but I think I’ve come up with a pretty good team to help me finish the rest of the game.  Continue reading “My Pokemon Moon Team”

Lets Talk About Pokemon Stars

I’ve been addicted to Pokemon Moon since I booted it up on my 3DS. The possibility of a new Pokemon game releasing for a console that’s not the 3DS is huge news.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Pokemon Stars”

Pokemon Moon First Impression

Pokemon Moon finally arrived at my house today and I’ve been attached to it since the opening scene.  Continue reading “Pokemon Moon First Impression”

Pokemon Uranium Is Officially Shut Down

The developers of Pokemon Uranium have officially announced that they’ll no longer be working on the game.  Continue reading “Pokemon Uranium Is Officially Shut Down”