Warlock 2: The Exiled – Beaten But Not Broken

I went from having a huge army filled with different races to almost being wiped off the map by an undead warlord. I beat him out of my lands and decimated his entire fleet with a well aimed lightning storm. His army is a mere shadow of it former self… and so is mine. After many skirmishes I knew that none of us had the advantage. To make matters worse he killed my orge general and the only general I have left is a healer and she’s only a rank 2. My werewolves were destroyed, my goblin army in the west are slowly gaining their numbers back after a huge loss against the vampires. My elven warrior and archers are all I have left defending my home from another undead assault. I have little money left so making any new units will be costly.

2014-04-09_00001The good news is the Lich King is in the same boat I’m in. After I beat him out of my lands I invaded his and almost captured a city. I was forced to retreat once his second wave decimated my invading force but I know he won’t risk another attack in my home territory so soon. He knows that if he cross my ocean again he’ll have to deal with my magic. I have just enough magic points left for a final lightning storm attack and I plan on saving it just for him. I think I’m the only one left that the Lich King hasn’t killed yet. All the other great mages are dead and I’m next unless I can regroup my forces and invade him one last time.

This was the playthrough that I literally just finished a few moments ago. I beat back a huge invading force only to be left with a few strong units and only a single general guarding my massive kingdom. I can’t afford to buy another general and I’m trying to replace the werewolves that I lost in my last fight but they’re expensive. I also need to replace my minotaurs but they eat too much food. Luckily I have plenty of food to spare so that won’t be a problem if I only hire one or two units of them.

Warlock 2 got pretty intense and it officially releases in just about 14 more hours. I went from having one of the most deadliest armies in the land to almost nothing after a single skirmish. Moments like this make these kinds of games worth playing for hours. I’ll have my official Warlock 2: The Exiled review up some time tomorrow. Until then I have a Lich King to kill.

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What Happened To Tenchu?

TenchuDoes anyone remember Tenchu? Does anyone remember sneaking up behind unsuspected enemies and slitting their throat a ninja and quickly hiding their bodies so their friends wouldn’t find them? Tenchu is one of my favorite game franchise of all time. It’s what I like to call a true stealth game. The last Tenchu game I played was Tenchu Z for the Xbox 360. There was a Tenchu game for the Wii as well but I sadly never played it because I no longer own a Nintendo Wii. I first got a taste of Tenchu back in 2000 14 years ago. I played Tenchu 2: Birth Of The Stealth Assassins and I loved every second of it. To this day I consider it one of the best games I’ve ever played. Tenchu is always centered around two assassins Rikimaru and Ayame.

Rikimaru uses a single ninjato and is stronger then Ayame but slower. Ayame carries a pair of kodachi and has more combos then Rikimaru but can’t take as many hits. If you have to fight your way out of a situation then you’ve done something wrong. You’ll often need to use your environments to hide and avoid the enemy instead of rushing in to fight like this is a Ninja Gaiden game. Tenchu Z introduced a pretty awesome character creator. I spent countless hours in that game while trying to perfect my character. It even had splitscreen multiplayer.

tenchu-z-4e262bec6b4a0The last Tenchu game was Shadow Assassins back in 2008. That was 6 years ago and since From Software got the franchise they’ve done nothing with it. They’ve just been focused on Dark Souls. Tenchu 2, and Z are my favorite Tenchu games. I loved stalking my prey on top of rooftops in Tenchu Z with my created ninja. I loved jumping down on top of guards and slitting their throats. I loved killing two, some times even 3, people at the same time in the blink of an eye.

I think a new Tenchu game would do very well if it was done right. I can easily see it being released on the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and PC. Games have come a long way since 2008 and if From Software is willing to throw the money into a new Tenchu game then could revitalize this series and make a lot of Tenchu fans very, very happy. It doesn’t seem like they’re interested in this series though. If they were you would think that we would have had another one. I for one would love to see another Tenchu game but the odds of that happening are very slim.

Tenchu will always have a very special place in my gaming collection and I will always look back on my moments spent in this incredible series.

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Warlock 2 – Building My Kingdom

One thing that you guys might have noticed if you read my first impression on Warlock 2 is that I left out the combat. That’s because until this morning I actually didn’t get into a fight. I spent the majority of my team exploring the world and building my kingdom to be as fierce as possible. So far I’m really loving this goblin army. I can produce goblin spearmen quite quickly and right now I have a pretty decent fighting force about to invade another realm. That’s right I can actually invade another realm by stepping through a portal. That is just awesome! The gameplay in Warlock 2 is just like Civilization with one exception. You have magical spells at your disposal. There is nothing wrong with this game having Civilization’s gameplay though.

I actually really love that and the two games are different enough to keep this one from being called a clone. You can definitely see Civilization in this game but you also see some originality as well and that’s a good thing. I haven’t ran into any other leaders yet and I do have one huge unanswered question. Is there diplomacy in this game? Do I have to go to war to win the game every  single time or can I win by other means like in Civilization, and Rome II?

I suppose that doesn’t matter for right now because I’m having so much fun with the game. What does matter is that I’ve been slowly building my goblin army up and we’re planning a very large invasion on some local bandits that have taken over a fort nearby. They made the mistake of killing one of my units and I’m going to bury them for that.

I like the technology tree so far. It’s not as in depth as Civilization V’s, or Age Of Wonders III technology trees but it’s solid and I’m just scratching the surface of it so my opinion could always change on it. If there is diplomacy in this game I most likely won’t use it during my first playthrough. I think I’m just going to focus on conquering the world this time and during my next match is when I’ll look into what other options are available to me.

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Hitman Absolution – It’s Good To Be Back

I almost forgot how satisfying it is to wrap a fiber wire around someone’s neck and choke them to death with Agent 47. Yesterday I felt like playing a stealth game again and for some reason I just couldn’t get Hitman out of my head. So I re-downloaded the game and started everything over from scratch. I re-watched the intro cutscene and drooled over how amazing the game looked. This is by far the best looking Hitman game we’ve ever had. Once I was able to control 47 I immediately remembered the controls. It’s like I never left the game even though it’s been over a year since I last played it.

hitman-absolution-un-contrat-personnel-cameleon-001I snuck around with 47 while trying my best not to be seen. I threw a bottle to distract a guard and when he left his post I silently walked past him. The other guard wasn’t so lucky though. My fiber wire was hungry and I really wanted to use it so I killed him, with ease, and hid the body in a dumpster near me. I walked down a long narrow path and came across a few more guards. It’s nothing I can’t handle though. I rolled from cover to cover while remaining undetected until I was behind one of them. Instead of killing him, I really wanted to kill him, I grabbed the book next to him and threw it across the garden. It alerted just about every guard in the area and once they were huddled around the book trying to figure out where it came from I crept by them.

The two guards that were blocking my path to the next area were in the middle of a conversation. I waited until they walked past me before I made a run for the door. The first part was over and it was all too easy. It’s like I never left the game and I was gunning for that Silent Assassin Rank that I’m so used to getting in these games. In order to get the Silent Assassin Rank you must be perfect. You can’t let anyone know you were there and even killing people will affect your final score so try not to take too many lives.

After I entered the door there were two more guards in my way and a kitchen knife on the counter. I rolled over to the counter, grabbed the knife and patiently waited for one of the guards to walk my way. After he passed me and stared down over the cliff in front of him I threw my knife at him and stabbed him in the back of the head. He was dead. I quickly disposed of his body by throwing him over the ledge and immediately turned my attention on the second guard that was doing the exact same thing except he was on the opposite side.

hitman-absolution-un-contrat-personnel-cameleon-002-2I ran up behind him and pushed him off the ledge. He screamed on the way down but no one heard it. Now all I had to do was make it past a bunch of gardeners and guards and in order to do that I needed a disguise but that would have to wait for another day.

I really enjoyed playing Hitman Absolution again. It was fun, and it’s a nice change of pace from all the strategy games I’ve been playing lately. I haven’t decided if I’m going to review this game yet or just write a few more articles just like this one. I guess it depends on how well this one does.

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Shadowrun Returns – Breaking Into Corporate

CombatI’ve been playing through Shadowrun Returns again and I just got a high stakes mission. I must break into a building that has the best guards in the city. This is no simple milk run though. I’m being paid 50,000 nuyen to do this and I attend to see it through. Security was supposed to be light that night but nothing ever goes according to plan. As soon as I opened the door there were two security guards staring me right in the face. One of them shot me in the ribs and I lost a decent amount of health. I’m a mage so I try not to take too many hits but don’t mistake my character for a pushover. I have some of the most dangerous spells at my disposal and I know how to use them effectively.

Spells aren’t the only thing that I have though. I have a sub-machine gun for long range fire fights and a shotgun for when someone is brave enough to charge me, which happens quite often in this game. The first floor was pretty easy. No one got seriously wounded but things got tricky when I had to deck into the security systems to force the elevator in front of me open. Once we got to the next floor we were met with light resistance. I strategically placed my team around the area and made sure I had them in overwatch so if anyone tried to sneak up on us they would get shot by the entire team.

I had my rigger use his droids to scout out the area and had my tank blast away approaching enemies with her shotgun. No one was getting in this room while my Decker was hacking into the systems. After a very challenging hack attempt I was finally able to the top floor and steal what I came there for but that didn’t happen. The office had some kind  of high tech lock on it and there was no way we were going to get in. The guy I was doing the job for quickly came up with a new idea.

He wanted me to wait in a closet until morning, alone, until everyone showed up for work and pose as a janitor so I could infiltrate the main office and steal what I came for. Instead of gunfire, loud explosions, and hacking I was going around acting as normal as possible while planting bugs all over the place so I could get a meeting with the boss. I liked how everything changed pace and that’s one reason why I like this game so much. Shadowrun Returns has some excellent investigation scenarios in the game. You’ll probably do more investigating then fighting and I don’t mind that one bit.

DeckingI finally managed to make to the boss’s office. He went downstairs to verify everything that I told him and told me to wait in his office until he gets back. As soon as he left I immediately started looking for the switch his safe but I was running out of time. He was questioning the last person and I knew he would be back in the elevator soon. Even if I did manage to break into safe and steal the item I was sent for how in the hell would I get out of the building with it?

Shadowrun is filled with moments like these. It started with me chasing a serial killer, to being ambushed at my best friend’s funeral, to almost being eaten alive by unkillable, giant sized bugs, and ends, at least for today, with me trapped in a office.

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Phantasy Star Online 2- A MMO That Doesn’t Feel Like One

I’ve been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 for about a week now and some times I forget that it’s an MMO. Once I plug my HDMI Cable, and 360 controller into my laptop it’s like I’m playing this game on consoles all over again. It just feels like the original Phantasy Star game did back on Dreamcast. Even when I’m in the lobby and I’m surrounded by other players playing the game I still feel the same way because that’s how it was back in the day. It was just like this and it’s a good feeling. There obviously some things that makes it an MMO like the cash shop. You have to pay just to have more then two characters on your ship. You have to pay to get the really good costumes that I see everyone walking around in and you even have to pay to upgrade your bedroom size.

The core of the game itself can be enjoyed without you ever spending a dime but it just bugs me that I can’t create four characters like I could back in the day and that I have to pay real life cash just for a cool looking costume to wear. The costumes you have available to you look ok but some times I want to really stand out from everyone else and I can’t do that without reaching in my wallet for my credit card.

phantasy-star-online-2-caveThe gaming community here is great. Everyone is really friendly and regular helps me out if I need it. I’ve even had a fluent Japanese speaking person help me translate some things and I really appreciate that. Playing in a group is intense and a lot of fun. Especially the boss battles. Bosses become harder as you get more people in your group. So if there is four of you going up against the Dragon, or against the giant snow wolves then prepare for a long, and challenging fight because they will go all out on you and some times you’ll even fight more then one. Sega regularly updates this game. Since I’ve downloaded it there has been three big updates of 2 gigs a piece.

Phantasy Star Online should come to America. The first one did very well over here and the second one could do even better if Sega releases it. I can even see this game coming to consoles because it is a Phantasy Star game and as I mentioned above it doesn’t feel like a MMO. This feels like your regular game that you walk into a store or order online to play. The only difference is you don’t have to buy this game. It’s completely free to play and that’s awesome considering the quality of this game. It’s not your average, generic MMO.

thPhantasy Star Online has over 500,000 players just playing on the PS Vita alone and that number can easily increase if it was ported over. Could you imagine if this game came to the PS4 and Xbox One? It would be huge and fans of both consoles would rejoice. Did I mention that this game is cross platform? I’ve ran into quite a few players that are playing the game on their PS Vita. They told me that they can’t go to PC players blocks but they can do missions with them and that’s awesome. I think more games should be cross platforms because in the end we’re all gamers and we’re just trying to have some fun playing a good game.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is worth every second that I’ve put into it so far and I’m absolutely loving it right now. I’m pushing level 30 and I’ve already made a Sega ID for a few of my friends to join my wife and I in our adventures in space.

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Percy Harvin Injured Again

percy-harvin-seattle-03122013It’s starting to seem like the only thing Percy Harvin is good for is getting hurt. He makes one or two really big plays a season before he’s out with a concussion and sits the rest of the year out. He finally comes back, makes a few catches and then gets hit and is walked off the field. Apparently he has another concussion and if I was Pete Carrol I would really consider cutting this man for next season. What good is a wide receiver that doesn’t play? Percy Harvin is a great football player when he’s healthy but staying healthy is the problem. He’s always hurt and doesn’t really contribute enough to the team to justify keeping his job. There are plenty of other receivers you can get that aren’t as injury prone as Percy Harvin.

By the way things are looking Jimmy Graham will be in the free agency if the Saints can’t offer him a sweet deal. Jimmy Graham plays like a wide receiver and is a major threat down the field. He’s always drawing double coverage which could lead to a man being open and making a big play. What about Hakeem Nicks? He’s made some big plays for Eli Manning and i’m sure he’d do well in Seattle. He’ll probably be a better fit then JImmy Graham because he’s a lot cheaper and because the Seahawks has Zach Miller. I’m not saying he can compete with Jimmy Graham but he has put up solid numbers for them this year by scoring 5 TDs.

I think Hakeem Nicks would look good in a Seattle uniform and he would be an extra weapon for Russell Wilson to throw to. You can’t throw to Percy Harvin because he’s never there when you need him. He’s always injured. That’s just my two cents on the subject. Get rid of Percy Harvin and go with someone else. Percy Harvin has officially joined Rob Gronkowski on my avoid at all cost list. Rob hasn’t played a full season in two years.

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Skyrim- Torban’s Journey Part 2

I had fully expected to die at the hands of the headsman back in Helgen but something unexpected happened. I was saved and by the most unlikely of creatures, a dragon. It burned Helgen to the ground and for a moment I could’ve sworn it was after me. It said something to me but I couldn’t make out the words. I think I understood it though. It’s been two weeks since I escaped Helgen and the wrath of the Imperial Legion. I went home and embraced my wife. I told her what happened to me and how Ralof helped me escape Helgen. If it were not for him I would probably be dead right now and I owe him a debt. I decided to join the Stormcloaks. Ralof told me that their headquarters was in Windhelm. I also promised Ralof’s sister Gorda that I would tell the Jarl of Whiterun about the recent dragon attacks.

For the last few weeks i’ve been helping the town guards defend Riverwood but our numbers are low and their morale is all but gone. If we don’t get help soon there won’t be a town left to defend. A cold gust of wind snapped me out of my daydream and sent a chill down my spine. I tightened the fur cloak around my neck and rubbed my hands together in front of the fire. This damn blizzard will be the death of me if I don’t hurry up and get to Bleak Fall’s Barrow. I made camp at a nearby bandit hideout to wait out the storm but it only seems to be getting worse. I think I would be better off braving the storm then waiting out here freezing my ass off.

I poured what was left of my water over the fire, grabbed my leather backpack, my bow, my quiver, sword, shield, and dagger and made my way out of the old watchtower.

2013-11-27_00051The Journey up to Bleak Falls Barrow was a harsh one. The blizzard only seemed to get stronger as I got closer to my destination and I quickly realized how lucky I was for having a full set of fur armor to keep me warm. I had to keep my hands in front of my face just to see where I was going while hoping that my next step didn’t send me tumbling off a cliff. My feet are sore, my legs are getting heavier with each step that I take, and I think my sword is frosted which will make it useless in a fight.

2013-11-27_00052 Ahead of me was my destination, Bleak Falls Barrow. The journey was a long, and tough one but it’s nothing I haven’t done before. The blizzard prevented me from seeing anything pass the stairs leading up to the place so I had to be careful as approached. I slowly walked up the stairs and saw two bandits sitting around a fire talking to each other. One of them was a redguard adorned in Iron Armor with white fur around and neck and legs to keep him warm. The other one had on poorly crafted hide armor and looked as if she was about to pass out from the intense storm.

I crept over to the large pillar and grabbed my bow. I pulled an arrow out of my quiver and drew it back as hard as I could manage. Before I could fire all of my senses went blank. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and collapsed. I slowly turned around and saw a third bandit about to deliver the killing blow. He was a Nord and a big one at that. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a bigger man in my life. The sharp pain was caused by the blunt side of his battleaxe and i’m sure the next blow will separate my head from my body. He lifted the battleaxe up over his ahead to finish the job. I charged him and tackled him in the gut. He dropped the battleaxe and fell to the floor.

I mounted him and delivered a few punches right to his face but they had very little effect on him. He grabbed my next punch and kicked me off of him. My face hit the snow hard as I landed. The bandit shouted over at his comrades but they couldn’t hear him. I took this opportunity to attempt to deliver the killing blow. I unsheathed my dagger from my left boot and ran up behind him. He screamed in pain as my dagger pierced his flesh. He tried to knock me off of him but I hung on twisting, and stabbing him in the back until he fell to his knees. I got off of him and took a second to catch my breath. The large man was still alive but slowly dying.

I decided to end his suffering. I walked over to where my bow was and took aim at his heart. I released the arrow and watched as it pierced through his armor and into his chest. I quickly turned my attention back to the other two bandits and slowly took aim. I only saw one bandit sitting around the fire now. The Redguard was missing. Did he go inside? Or is he searching for his friend behind me? Either way i’m in trouble if he sees that body. I need to take out his friend over there before he comes back.

This is a tricky shot but nothing I can’t handle. I’ve been a using a bow since I was lad and I know how to shoot straight in a storm. If I aim to the right the wind will do the rest for me and i’ll only have to worry about that Redguard. I fired the arrow and watched as the wind drove it right into the female bandit’s head. She fell into the fire she was leaning to closely to and spilled the hot water that was inside the pot next to her. I charged out from where I was hiding and ran up the stairs towards the door leading into Bleak Falls Barrow. I hid next to another giant sized pillar and waited for the Redguard to find his friend.

I waited for what seemed like an hour but he finally came back. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. This could only mean that he found his friend’s body. He was more horrified when he saw his partner’s burned corpse. He unsheathed his giant sword and slowly started to search the area. I stepped out into the light to where he could see me and fired. His sword hit the ground followed by him. I walked over to him and took a small pouch filled with gold. He won’t be needing this anymore. I turned around and stared at the door leading to Bleak Falls Barrow.

Skyrim Torban’s Journey Part 1

I finally decided that it would be a good idea for me to write about my latest adventures in Skyrim. I’ll be taking you on my Nord’s, Torban, adventure through Skyrim. All of the decisions, quests, factions, and every cute butterfly I see will be put into words for everyone to enjoy or completely ignore. I will also be writing a fan fiction of sorts to go alongside this based off of Skyrim. I’ll have more information about that shortly because i’m currently still trying to figure out exactly what I want the story to be about. I hope you guys will stick around for my Skyrim playthrough as well as my short story  that i’m currently working on. With all of that being said lets get to part 1 of my Skyrim playthrough!


I’m greeted to some soothing tunes as the black screen turns to a blur and I see that beautiful Skyrim name flash across the screen. Every time I see it I still feel excited even though it’s already been two years I still feel as if I’m playing it for the first time. When my character comes to he’s greeted by a tied up Nord sitting next to another man whose seen better days. His name is Ralof and the man sitting next to him is your common horse thief. Next to me is Ulfric Stormcloak, the leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion that has spread around Skyrim like wildfire. After exchanging a few words I learned that we were on our way to Helgen to be executed.


It seems these Imperials will kill every Nord on sight. I am not with the Stormcloaks but they attacked me anyway as I was hunting deer in the woods. I’m just a hunter but they wouldn’t listen to me and shot me in the shoulder with an arrow. Before I could even fathom what just happened to me I was already in chains and being dragged along the long dirt road like a slab of meat. When we finally stopped I saw the Legionaries talk to their superior. She was a ruthless woman that refused to listen to my story. It didn’t matter how loud I cried, “i’m no Stormcloak!”

They sat me in a carriage for which I was grateful. It beats being dragged by a horse through the dirt. My arms and legs were bruised, and bloodied from the long journey but I refused to show them the pain I was in. If I was going to die I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of watching me beg for mercy. They’ll get no tears from me. Ralof and I got along quite well on the long journey to Helgen. The horse thief did nothing but cry but I guess under the circumstances that’s to be expected. You’re only supposed to get 30 days in jail for stealing a horse not get executed…

Ralof explained in great detail on how he and Ulfric were ambushed late at night while everyone slept in their tents. One of the guards ordered us to be quiet and so we did. We didn’t say anything for the rest of ride because we knew we were going to have our chance to finish this conversation in Sovngarde. The city is in view and there’s quite a crowd gathered out front. Everyone is curious to see what will happen to the “Stormcloak Rebels”. As the carriage approached the city the horse thief soiled his pants. The carriage came to a complete halt and we were ordered to get off of the carriage. There were two Imperial Soldiers in front of us. I could tell that the woman was the one in charge. The same woman that refused to hear my story. The younger soldier started to call names out of the book in his hand.

2013-11-27_00008Ulric was called first, then Ralof, then someone named Lokir who I could only assume was the horse thief. He shouted out, “i’m not a rebel! You can’t do this!” and ran off. Before he could get far the arhers from the rooftops killed him. They shot him right in back and left his corpse on the streets to rot. I was expecting my name to be called next but they didn’t have it. My name wasn’t in the book. Does this mean i’m free to go? The young officer asked his captain what to do with me and she replied, ” send him to the block.” The young man had no choice but to follow his orders but I could see a hint of regret in his face when he looked back at me.

“I’m sorry.” He finally managed to say to me. “I hope you find peace in Sovngarde.”

“It’s ok.” I replied as I turned my back and walked away from him.

The captain led me to a line of soldiers. In front of us was General Tullius, the commander of the Imperial Legion here in Skyrim. General Tullius was more focused on Ulfric Stormcloak then anyone else present. I can tell the two of them have a history but to what extent is anyone’s guess. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but then again i’m not sure I even care. I’m going to die today… and for what? Because some young Imperial Legionnaire is too dumb to tell the difference between a Stormcloak, and a hunter. I was snapped out of my daydream by the headsman’s axe coming down on some poor man’s head. His head rolled on the ground and stared up at me lifelessly. I was the next one called to be executed. I slowly walked up the executioner and was forced on my knees by the woman behind me. I stared up at the sky and imagined that I was back home. I imagined that I was holding my my wife, Svanhild, and telling her things that only she should hear come from me. I closed my eyes and waited for the end to come.

2013-11-27_00018 And this concludes part one of my Skyrim playthrough. I hope you guys like the way I wrote it. I’ll be adding part 2 shortly. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest news, reviews, first impressions, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.