Xbox One Unboxing!

I’m sorry for the really bad sound in the background. I’ve never used the normal mic on my laptop and that’s what I recorded this video with. Enjoy the unboxing!

I know i’ve been really quiet this month so far. I think i’ve only written one or two articles since my monthly recap back in January. There’s a perfectly good reason for that. I have writers block and i’m not quite ready to come back to full time article writing just yet. I am very excited to bring the Xbox One coverage over to and Gamers Sphere. I’ll see you guys next week for my Ryse first impressions.


I am no longer a part of Gamers Sphere. I was working there on the promise that I would be paid and it didn’t happen. My work is now exclusive to

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A Game That Should Be In Your Library


The Mass Effect Trilogy are the best three games i’ve ever played. They took storytelling to a whole new level in games and deserves 300+ awards that they’ve received over the years. I bought all them separately but I couldn’t turn up a chance to own the entire trilogy box set. I ordered my copy from Amazon and all disc are placed nicely in the box and the artwork on the box itself is beautiful.

Snapshot_20131008  Commander Shepard had one hell of a journey that captured millions of hearts around the world. It was sad to see it end but everything unfortunately must come to an end.

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