Civilization Online not coming to the U.S

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It breaks my heart to say this but apparently North America isn’t going to see Civilization Online for quite some time. 2K Games PR Brian Roundy released a statement earlier this month saying it will be exclusive to Korea for the time being and there is no official release date for this game.

2K Games is currently negotiating with XL Games on when Civilization Online will be ready for an North America release. I for one am highly disappointed that I probably won’t have a chance to play this game for another year maybe even two years from now. Image

I do however have some other news to share about the gameplay mechanics of Civilization Online. Civilization Online is like every other Civilization game. You progress through time discovering new technologies, and Great Wonders until you win or the lose the game. When you start the game you may only choose from four different civilizations.  I honestly don’t like the sound of that but they said they’ll be adding more after launch. I can only hope we won’t have to pay real cash for all of them. Civilization Online will have a new building system added in. In the Civilization games building things has always been quite simple.

Xl Games announced that in order for you to build something you must go out and gather the necessary materials in order to actually begin production on it. I’m going to hold judgement on that one until I learn more about it. If they do it right and don’t have it feel like a chore than I won’t have any problems with this new feature being added.


Another feature that has been added is a career system. It doesn’t really sound like a “new” feature. You can start wars, do some espionage, and be diplomatic. We can already do this in Civilization V but i’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each chosen career if there are any at all. One thing that I really like the sound of is being able to actually customize your city in a unique way. You can now choose where you want your buildings to be placed, and even decorate them on the outside. There has also been a new level up feature added in the game. I’m not quite sure how this works yet but what I do know is when you level up you’ll get skill points to spend. So if you want to produce buildings faster than you’ll have to invest your skill points in that specific set of skills.  It sounds very interesting and when I learn more i’ll be sure to keep this up to date.

I for one am really looking forward to this game. I have high hopes and at least for now I don’t see any reason to be worried that this game could suck. It’s been in production for three years now and I love when developers take their time making games. I like the art direction they took the game in and it’s running on CryEngine 3 which we should all know by now how powerful that engine is.  If you’re interested in reading the full article and I recommend that you do just click here I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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