Civilization first impressions

Civilization VI First Impression

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Civilization VI is here! I’ve been looking forward to this game for years and so far it’s living up to my expectations. 

Does Firaxis know how to make bad soundtracks? I said that because the opening theme in Civilization VI is fantastic. I thought the three different theme songs in part V was good, but this one is, surprisingly, better than those.


I was a little disappointed that Shaka Zulu wasn’t in the game because he’s always been my favorite Civilization to play as, but I really like the choices that are available in the game and for the first time in any Civilization game I chose Rome. Rome is really cool and I love their legionnaires.

Civilization VI is also rocking a brand new game engine that was built to support modding. I really love this idea and I can’t wait to see what mods release in the future for this game. The graphics in this game took a little getting used to. The new cartoony look won’t please everyone, but I like it. It’s different and way the map discovered itself as I moved around was really neat.


The gameplay is the same it’s ever been, but it’s been refined and the animations are a lot better too. I saw a barbarian impale my archer unit before he finished him off. I loved it, but hated it too because I lost a pretty good archer unit on that turn.

Diplomacy still stinks and I can’t help, but wonder if they even tried to improve it in anyway since Civilization V.

I haven’t played as much Civilization VI as I wanted to, but I’ve already experienced that one more turn syndrome that is known to happen in these games. I told myself one more turn around turn 60 and I got off at 105. It’s addictive, but it’s a good kind of addiction that I really want more of.



A fan of mine reached out to me on Facebook and said some really nice things to me. She’s a gamer and she’s also into photography. She said I inspired her to make her own blog and that really touched me. She has a brand new blog and could use some love so feel free to check her out here

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