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Classic Review – Viking: Battle For Asgard

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Viking: Battle For Asgard released back in 2008 and even though it has it’s fair share of flaws I couldn’t help, but like the game. There hasn’t been a Viking game quite like it since. 

The Good:


Viking: Battle For Asgard is a semi open world game that gives us the option to engage the enemy in combat or sneak around their camps assassinating them. It’s a good formula that works, even if it is a little clunky at times. The combat is good and could have been great with some tweaks, but it all comes down to strategy in the end. If you rush a giant mob of enemies without proper planning you’ll be dead. Some groups can only be taken on with your army that you’ll go around building for the majority of the game.

Taking a keep or stronghold is where Viking: Battle for Asgard  shines. Fighting a massive army with yours is great. You can choose to charge in with your army and fight on the frontlines or take the strategic checkpoints scattered around the battlefield. Taking the checkpoints and killing their leader will grant you a victory.

Viking: Battle for Asgard isn’t all about the gameplay. Exploring the land will grant you upgrades to your weapons. Unfortunately you can’t equip new weapons or armor. The gameplay, except the stealth segments, is fun, but repetitive.


Battle-for-AsgardFor a game that came out back in 2008 it looks pretty good on max settings. It obviously won’t blow anyone away and the character textures are Dynasty Warriors kind of bad, but the environments look really good and that’s enough to satisfy me.


The soundtrack is probably the best part of the game by far. It’s amazing and sets the tone for the game. It’s dark theme doesn’t quite fit the game, but when I sat down and listened to the whole thing I really loved it and I highly recommend listening to it.

The Bads


In Viking: Battle for Asgard you play as Skarin. You’re the champion of Freya and your goal is to defeat the invading forces of Hel, queen of the underworld, and restore peace to the land. In order to do so you must build an army, and capture the three islands under her control. The plot here is nonexistent. The story is utter crap and no one will care, or remember it, once they’ve completed it. I had to look up an old review just to remember what the plot was.


The first time you execute an enemy you’ll love it. Thousands of executions later you’ll probably wish there was an option to turn them off because they happen so frequently that you’ll just want to get back into the action. Watching the 300th head pop off and fly into oblivion is cool, but I wish it was tuned down a little.

Lack of Customization:

ss_1fcbf088ab73ddb3f227da305ea61165a7538d4f.1920x1080In a game like this customization would have been a great feature, but it’s sadly not present here. You’ll go through the whole game with the same outfit and weapons until you complete the game.

Voice Acting: 

The story that this game tried to tell us is offset by the terrible voice acting. Even if the story was good, it’s not, the voice acting would make it impossible to enjoy. The lip syncing is horrible and every sounds like they have to fart, but it won’t come out.

The Verdict: 

Despite it’s flaws, and there are a lot of them, I still enjoyed this game. It could be my love for anything related to Vikings or because I’m sucker for action games, but there is something about this game that prevents me from shitting all over it. Viking: Battle for Asgard is a solid game that’s good for a single playthrough that will entertain a certain crowd. If you want to play some pretty great wars buy this game. It’s fairly cheap and it might surprise you.


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