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Criminal Minds Season 10 Review

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Man it’s been a while since I’ve written about anything tv/movie related here! I recently started catching up on some of my favorite tv shows and I decided it was about time that I brought movie/tv reviews back. 

Criminal Minds Season 10 brings a new character to the family while getting rid of someone too. Jennifer Love Hewitt makes her debut as Kate Callaham and I immediately liked her character, but I think she could be fleshed out more, but that apparently isn’t going to happen since Jennifer Love Hewitt will not be returning to the show next season.

I really enjoyed season 10, but I did notice how repetitive some of the episodes were. Three or four episodes in a row were kidnap cases. I remember sighing, really loudly, when I noticed that the season finale was another kidnap case. It was a good season finale don’t get me wrong, but it touch the excellence of season 8’s finale and I will only place slightly above season 9’s finale.

The episodes that weren’t about terrorism or trying to track down this missing person before they were killed were actually really good. The episode about Gideon was great, and I loved the prison episode too, but for every really good episode there were also some bad ones that had me confused on if I was watching Criminal Minds or Without A Trace.

It’s hard for a show to remain interesting after 10 seasons, but Criminal Minds manages to bring something new, or creepy, to the table every season. The characters are what really drive this show and the way they work together to solve these cases is what this show is all about.

I feel like the writing isn’t what it used to be, but I don’t think Criminal Minds is in decline just yet because I really do enjoy it. I just think they need to sit down and come up with some new ideas and stop bringing in actors that only do one season before they quit.

105085_d0158bAnother thing that I thought was one of the weak points of the show are the serial killers. In season 8 we saw some pretty dark serial killers. Just about every episode in season 8 had a really, really fucked up person killing people in some of the most gruesome ways you could think of. There is none of that in season 10. I mean sure there’s the Mirror Man, and a entire website for serial killers to find victims, but it still pales in comparison to what we got in previous seasons.

Season 10 definitely had some great moments and even though it’s not the best season we’ve ever had of the show it’s not the worst one either. I really loved watching this season and I can’t wait to see what season 11 brings to the table. I do have a request though. Tone down the kidnap cases and use your imagination guys. This season was way too predictable.

The Verdict: 8/10

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