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Cryptark Review

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Do you like Roguelites? How about twin stick shooters? If your answer is yes to both those questions then Cryptark might be the game for you. 

The Great:


Yep… I’m dead…

The most important thing to get right in a twin stick shooter is the gameplay and Alientrap nailed it. The gameplay in this game is great. At first I wasn’t into the game because of how easy it was, but once I got to the level 4, and 5 ships that changed. I got my ass handed to me twelve ways from Sunday and lost the game. My first, and only, successful run came yesterday when I finally completed a tier 6 ship filled with all kinds of traps, enemies, and doors to unlock.

There’s a good amount of enemy variety here. There’s your average enemies that charge in to try and damage you by tackling your mech, enemies that shoot out acid bubbles, all kinds of cool looking turrets on the wall, and much more. I enjoyed going up against all of them and on higher tier ships everything is attacking you at the same time and it can get really chaotic. Since this is a Roguelite you can expect to die a lot in this game, but it doesn’t feel unfair like this game.


Cryptark is a good looking game. I like the aesthetic a lot, but I don’t like the map at all. It’s not hard to navigate, but it is a eye sore and since most of my time goes into scanning the map I would at least want it to be a good looking one. It’s just a nitpick and won’t factor into my verdict. I do like the enemy design, and mech designs a lot. There’s a good variety of mech suits to use once they’re unlocked. My favorite is the stealthy one that can slow time. I’ve gotten out of some impossible situations with that ability.

The particle effects are top notch. The different type of beam weapons, fire effects, explosions, and everything in between is fantastic.

The Good:


The sound quality here is really good. It’s brought down by the half assed voice acting. Shooting shit with my flamethrower, or blasting it in the face with my shotgun feels good. There’s oomph to it and I appreciate it because not many games get the sound quality of weapons right. The soundtrack in this game is great. It’s the best part of the game. When that guitar riff kicks in when I’m killing shit I can’t help but bang my head to it. I love it and I wish it was played more then it is in game.


The story here isn’t good, but the lore is. I like finding artifacts and listening to my companions talk about them. It fills me in on what happened to the old alien fleet that we’re exploring and helps me unlock new mechs to play around too. The story itself is simple. We’ve been hired to scavenge ships for loot.

The Bad:

Co Op Gameplay:

My wife and I were very excited when we learned that this game had local co op, but the co op in this game is the worst part of it. My wife isn’t very good at games like this and I’m used to carrying the load for the team. I can’t do that here because we share a health bar, and ammo. So she could get both of us killed be taking too many hits, which has happened plenty of times already. We did not enjoy this because it kept us from completing the game together and I had to do it by myself.

It Has Low Replay Value:

I don’t see myself playing this game much longer. The way the co op is handled killed the experience for my wife and I. I like to play games like this with people, but this game obviously doesn’t want that to happen because of the way co op is handled.

The Verdict:

Cryptark is a good game. I really enjoyed despite it’s shitty co op feature. I plan on unlocking every mech suit in the game while I try to win more then one round, but it would be nice to be able to share this experience with someone. The gameplay is really good and I appreciate the effort that went into building the lore, but if you plan on buying this game for it’s co op I would recommend buying Nex Machina instead because the co op in that game is leagues better than this one. If you’re looking for a great single player experience then this definitely the game for you. If the devs look into adding to the co op experience I would have no problem adding a point to this game.


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Share Your Thoughts!