Dark Souls 3 First Impression

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My first 14 hours of Dark Souls 3 have been pretty good so far. Here’s what I think of it. 


In 14 hours I’ve committed suicide more times then I can count, been invaded about 30 times, killed four bosses, and got myself a pretty decent mage/warrior hybrid that can kill just about anything with little to no effort.

Dark Souls 3 is a lot different then previous souls games. That’s mainly because it’s using Bloodborne’s engine. Everything is much faster then it’s ever been in any Souls game. Changing how fast the game plays has made Dark Souls 3 feel a lot different then what I’ve grown accustomed to in the Soul series. That’s not a bad thing though.

Dark Souls 3 plays better then any of the previous games, but does have some problems too. For starters pvp is not fun at the moment because of how glitchy it is. It takes a second or two for my hits to register on my opponent and that could be all it takes for them to deliver the killing blow to me. So far I’ve been really lucky in pvp. I’ve only lost one duel and that was because I didn’t know that two phantoms invaded me instead of one and the other guy hit me from behind and killed me.


The gameplay is your typical Dark Souls gameplay. In other words it’s freaking fantastic and lives up to it’s name. There are some glitches that really annoy me, but my overall experience has been pretty smooth so far. I did experience occasional fps dips. They’re completely random and happen for no reason at all. Some times they get so bad I’ll be forced to quit and try the game out at later time.


The co op can also use a little tweaking. I’ve seen cannot summon messages more times then I would like and it got to the point to where I would just run around by myself because I didn’t feel like waiting ten minutes for a partner to play with.

When I can summon people it’s fun, but it’s also a little disappointing. I was hoping From Software would have implemented a better multiplayer system by now since this is the last Dark Souls game and they didn’t. I was hoping they would have went all out and instead, at least so far, it’s just more of the same that we all know and love about the Dark Souls series.

Boss fights have been… decent so far I guess. I haven’t fought a boss that made me piss my pants yet like I did in the original Dark Souls and even Dark Souls 2. I’ve only fought four bosses so far so I expect that to change as I get further into the game.


I love how this game ties in previous games in the franchise and even has throwback moments all the way to Demon’s Souls. It’s really good fan service in my opinion.

I love the different locales that I’ve explored so far. I’ve been to a big ass castle, explored a underground prison filled skeletons, visited a undead village, walked through poisonous swamps, and even fought a giant crab that I later made crab cakes out of.

I know I’ve mentioned how fast this game plays a few times already, but I think I explain how much faster it is then previous Soul games. You can’t fight the same way that you could in previous Soul games. Since everything is faster that means the enemies that you’ll go up against are faster too and they react faster to your attacks. This wouldn’t really be a problem if you’re in a group, but when you’re soloing shit it can be pretty challenging for a close ranged character to defeat multiple foes because they’ll literally be all over you.


I really love the monster designs in this game. And I love how they’ll do things that I never expected they could do. Usually when I go up against a gigantic enemy with a big ass sword I know they’ll be slow, and easy dodge. That much remained true when I fought this armor clad knight, but what I didn’t expect was him casting a really strong lightning aoe lightning spell that followed my character around as I tried to dodge it. It was really cool and just about every enemy has a multiple ways of fighting me.

So far I’m really enjoying Dark Souls 3 despite the few issues that it has. It can definitely use a good patch or two, but it’s still very playable when compared to other games that I’ve played this year. Once the pvp is fixed, and the fps issues are solved I won’t have a problem recommending this to everyone, but for now I’ll recommend holding off if what I mentioned above is a game breaker for you.

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