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Dark Souls 3 Review

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Dark Souls 3 is supposedly the final game in the Soul series. So is it as good as it’s predecessors? 

The Great:



I never thought I would praise the graphics of a Dark Souls game. They’ve never looked good in my opinion and the only  way to make Dark Souls 2 a pretty game was to mod it. Dark Souls 3 is by far the best looking game to date in this franchise and if what From Software said is true it’s also the last Souls game we’ll ever see in this beloved franchise.

The world of Dark Souls 3 looks really good. Every environment is filled with detail and the character models have gotten a lot better. The enemies look fantastic too and there are some pretty creepy ones in the game, but we’ll get more into that later on in this review.


If you’ve ever played a game in this series you’ll already know what you’re walking into here, but it’s different because everything has been sped up a lot. Dark Souls 3 plays more like Bloodborne then an actual soul’s game and it works for the most part. Enemies are much quicker and will unleash devastating combos on you if you’re not careful.

Boss fights are also a lot quicker, but they’re easier to beat in my opinion. Fighting your way to the boss is usually harder then the actual boss fight itself.


Dark Souls 3 is filled with different items for us to customize our character with. It also has a pretty good character creator too. If you spend enough time with it you’ll see just how deep the character creator really is. You can tweak just about everything on your characters face to your liking and make some really standout characters if you put enough time into it.

There are many new, and old, sets of armor for us to find and all of them look really cool in my opinion. My favorite sets are the Undead Legion, Fallen Knight, Witch, and Firelink. None of them are incredibly heavy which is great in my opinion because it allows me to move around really fast while using a pretty heavy weapon.



I’ve always loved the soundtrack in the Dark Souls games and this one is no different. I think it’s the best soundtrack in the series. I knew I was in for something special the moment I started the game and the opening theme helped set the tone for the rest of the game.

Every other sound in the game, including the voice acting this time around, sounds really good. Pyromancy, Sorcery’s, Miracles, and the various different weapons that I tried out during my 100+ hours spent with Dark Souls 3 sounded really good. When I hit a wall with my greatsword it made a clanging sound and bounced. There are some goofy sounds in the game, but they don’t pop up nearly enough for me to drop this down a category.

Monster Design:

Dark Souls 3 has some fantastic monster designs. Some of them are downright creepy. Like this thing…

Seriously… wtf is that :]

When I first encountered that thing it scared the living shit out of me because I didn’t know it was there until I shined my torch on it.

PC Port:

This really surprised me. Dark Souls has always been one of the worst games ever ported to PC, but From Software finally learned. Well… at least a little. The icons are still displaying the Xbox controller buttons, but you can remap every control in the game to match your preferences this time around.

After messing around with the controls a little I came up with a really good setup and I completed the entire game using mouse and keyboard controls twice and it performed excellently for me.

The Good:

Boss Fights:

I think this is the first time I’ve ever considered boss fights one of the weaker things about a Dark Souls game. I breezed through this game twice before I decided to write this review. Only a very few bosses in the game gave me a decent challenge and most of them are, once again, humanoid. I miss Dark Souls 1 and it’s incredible boss design and that’s missing here in Dark Souls 3, but I still really enjoyed going up against bosses like The Undead Legion, Pontiff, and Champion Gundyr.



Dark Souls has always had a very unique pvp system in the game. The only way you won’t be invaded by another player is by playing in offline mode or by not using a ember. Once you do use a ember there’s a chance that you’ll be invaded by another player, but in my experience that doesn’t usually last very long. Most invaders aren’t very good Dark Souls players and usually try to get me to follow them into a group of enemies.

I do think pvp is the worst it’s ever been in Dark Souls 3, but it’s still very enjoyable because of the fast paced combat and I really enjoy killing invaders when they enter my game.


Dark Souls 1 told a really great story in my opinion. So did Dark Souls 2, especially with the DLC, but part 3 just feels a little flat when compared to the other three in the series in my opinion. It’s still a pretty good story and unlocking all of the different endings was fun. I’m currently working on the Anri questline that gives me a certain ending, but I just didn’t feel as invested in the story this time around like I did in previous games.

Most of the lore in Dark Souls 3 depends heavily on the previous two games, mostly the first one, and that’s reinforced by the locations that we visit later on in the game. That’s not a bad thing in my opinion because I really loved going back to Anor Londo, but I was hoping for something more unique since this is supposed to be the last Dark Souls game.



Even though the boss fights are easier then they’ve ever been that doesn’t mean it’s a easy game though. I think working your way up to the boss fights is where the real challenge in the game is.

Co Op:

The Co op in Dark Souls has always been on the weaker side in my opinion. I’ve never been a big fan of it. I would prefer a more traditional co op experience instead of leaving a summon sign down for random people to invite me. It’s gotten a little better with this installment. If I want a particular person to invite me all I have to do is leave a summon sign that’s password protected and whoever I give my password to will be able to summon me. It’s a great way to play with friends without having to worry about being summoned to the wrong game.

The Bad:



This made to the top of my list when I realized how useless heavy armor is in this game. There’s no way a rat should make my guy wearing Havel’s armor flinch when I’m swinging at him with a greatsword. Namco has already announced that poise is working as intended, but that’s ridiculous in my opinion. Did they intentionally make poise shit? Because that’s what it is right now and it affects pvp a lot. It affects whole builds because no one wants to wear heavier armor in the game when they know a little dagger will stagger and kill them quickly.

Being Killed By A Enemy Through A Wall:

If you’re a Dark Souls Veteran you’ll know what I’m about to complain about. How can I get killed through a wall? If I fallback to heal myself and prepare for round two I shouldn’t have to worry about a big ass weapon going through the wall I’m standing next to and killing me. It’s just stupid and it’s been in every Dark Souls game ever made.

The Verdict:


Dark Souls 3 is a great way to end the franchise in my opinion. It’s not the strongest game in the series and could use some work in my opinion, but I think it’ll only get better once the DLC starts dropping for it. That’s usually how Soul’s games work these days. The game itself is easier for newcomers to jump in and learn while veterans will most likely have little problems adjusting to the new speeds and difficulty of the game.


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  • Reply
    Nov 25, 2016 2:14 am

    were the bonfires in this game close together that made it easier?
    Also idk what you mean by great boss design in DS1 because those bosses were pretty linear. Not alot of attack patterns.

    • Omar Jackson
      Nov 25, 2016 2:41 pm

      The bonfires are pretty close together, but that didn’t make the game easier. Dark Souls III is just easy. I’ve played through the game 13 times and have almost 300 hours of gameplay in it.

      When I mentioned boss design I was talking about the artstyle and how it wasn’t just a bunch of humanoids to fight like in Dark Souls 3. And Dark Souls 1>Dark Souls 3 imo.

      • Reply
        Nov 25, 2016 6:35 pm

        Were they ridiculously close that it was laughable?

        • Omar Jackson
          Nov 25, 2016 8:04 pm

          Yep. A good example is the Dragonslayer Armor boss fight. Once I beat him I activated the bonfire, ran about 20 feet and had to activate another one. There were no enemies in between the bonfires.

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