Dark Souls- Beginner Guide

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Dark Souls II is out and every fan of the Soul Series is rejoicing that they can jump back into their favorite game and die a million times but not everyone can afford a new game right now and there are still plenty of new players roaming around Dark Souls and this guide will be for them. Everyone has different play styles and I will not try and change your play style but I will make suggestions and give useful advice for you to consider during this guide.

Dark Souls can be a brutal game for newbies. You can be towards a castle and the next thing you know that pesky dragon swoops down out of nowhere and one hits you with it’s fire breath. Dark Souls can be annoying and it will really test your patience if you’ve never played it before. When you start the game I suggest you choose the knight. The knight can take hits early on in the game because of his armor. The knight actually has the best starting armor out of all the classes in the game. The reason for choosing the knight is because of this and it’s also because of his high vitality stat that starts off at 14. As soon as you create your character get the key as your starting item. It’s the most useful item on the list and it will come in very handy for you throughout the game.
DarkSouls1After you get through the tutorial area don’t use your humanities just yet. Instead spend what soul points you have on stat upgrades and head down. You’ll find a lift that will take you down to New Londo Ruins. Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and you’ll see some more stairs leading up with a locked gate in front of you. Use the key I told you to get while creating your character and you’ll be able to unlock the door and head into the Valley Of The Drakes. Follow the path, cross the bridge and head to the left. You’ll see a dead dragon next to two items and a third that’s a little further ahead. Once you grab an item the dragon will come to life and kill you so just grab everything you can before that happens. After you die you’ll be taken back to the bonfire with two brand new items. Astora’s Straight Sword is a good faith based weapon that can kill almost any enemy in the beginning of the game and since your knight already starts off with a good shield it’s up to you whether or not you’ll want to exchange that one for the one you just got. If you don’t like your sword don’t worry because you’re about to get a better one but before you do you need to get two things. A bow and about 50 arrows just to be on the safe side. Don’t use up your arrows unless you feel like going back to buy more. Fight your way through the Undead Parish and use your key to open all the locked doors that you come across.

Make sure you buy the key that the merchant is selling because you’re going to need it later. It’s completely your choice if you want to risk fighting your first Black Knight right now. If you’re not sure if you can win then there’s no harm in waiting. He is guarding a ring that you can use though and you might want to consider sneaking up behind him and stabbing him in the back. After you get inside the tower you’ll see a door in front of you. This door is usually locked but you can open it with the key that you got at the beginning of the game.
Open the door and descend all the way down to the bottom and you’ll be attacked by a man wearing a full set of Havel Armor. He’s really slow and easy to get behind for backstabs. After you defeat him you’ll get his ring. The armor set will come way later so don’t worry about that now. Unlock the door he was guarding and you’ll have access to the forest area but we’re not going to explore the forest just yet. Instead we’re going back upstairs and ascending all the way to top to where the fog is. You’ll have to fight a pretty big boss here but he isn’t too challenging. To beat him the easy way just climb up the latter and jump off with a powerful stab attack. This will take a chunk of his hp away. Black Fire Bombs also do a lot of damage and if you explored you would have 5 of them.
Dark_Souls_003After you defeat the boss follow the path and you’ll eventually come to a long, narrow corridor. Be careful here because that dragon that attacked at the beginning of the game will actually attack again. Run forward a little then quickly run back after you hear it coming. It’ll take out every enemy in your path but it will also stand there guarding the entrance. This is why I told you to get a bow. Run towards the dragon and stick to the right. You’ll see a passage leading down under the bridge you’re on. There are two enemies down there so make sure you kill them before you do the next step. Use your bow to shoot the dragon’s tail until it falls off. This will definitely piss the dragon off but it can’t get to you where you are anyway so you’ll be safe. You’ll be rewarded with a Drake Sword that does quite a lot of damage.        You should have quite a few soul points to spend now so I recommend going back to the last bonfire you visited and beef up your character a little.
This is where things get tricky. Everyone plays a different way but the most important stat at the beginning of the game is your health, and endurance. You’ll want plenty of those for obvious reasons. Unless you’re a mage then go right ahead and focus on your Intelligence stat. My next guide will be a little more advanced then this one but I’m going to go step by step for you and even give you some tips and tricks to use for pvp. Until then enjoy your game and keep your shield arm up at all times in new areas.

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