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Darksburg Review

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Darksburg is a neat little game that can be completed in under an hour if you’re good. It’s like a mix of League of Legends and Diablo. Here’s what I think of it.

The Great:


Darksburg is a mix of a Moba and ARPG. It plays like League of Legends and throws enemies at your like Diablo. You even get to choose from different passive bonuses after each level up that resets after you either complete a run or die. The downside, to me anyway, is the lack of progression and loot in the game. You don’t find interesting new weapons or armor in this game. This is a MOBA that’s not a MOBA that wants to be an ARPG/roguelike hybrid, but it doesn’t succeed at anything. Not really.

I would be lying if I said the game wasn’t fun though. It can be fantastic at times. When I’m in a group of 4 and we’re all working together to survive the undead horde it’s a blast. There are 5 heroes and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Some heroes (Dolorosa) are much better than others and can put the game in easy mode. When I’m backed against a corner and facing defeat good teamwork can make any dire situation winnable and I love that about this game. It IS fun, but the lack of in-game unlockables, feeling of progression, and lack of interesting locations is a real letdown.

There is another game mode in the game that was in early access that you have to toggle in the main game and it’s honestly much more interesting than what we have now. In Legacy Mode, you can level up your heroes and select permanent passive bonuses that take effect during your next run. The downside is it separates the one large area you do in the main game into multiple smaller zones for you and your friends (or AI) to play through. It’s not as fun as the single large campaign map that you fight your way through and defending a well for 20 rounds is not fun at all.

The Good:


Darksburg is a decent looking game. Any potato can easily run this game at max settings and not have to worry about any frames being lost. It’s also optimized really well too. I never crashed, lagged, fell through the floor, etc. There are 7 graphical options for you to tweak to your liking. It’s nothing super impressive like the latest AAA games would offer you, but you’ve got to keep in mind that this is a small game made by a small studio and that I bought it for $10. You’ve got shadows, SSAO, bloom, water, spatter, parallax (I really appreciate this option), and anti-aliasing, but it doesn’t tell you what kind of. It’s just a togglable on or off button.

This game will run just fine on just about any system out there. It’s not a graphically impressive game nor is it ugly as shit.


There are five playable characters in Darksburg. Abigail, Dolorosa, Runolf, Rose, and Varag. Abigail, Runolf, and Varag are pretty much the same character class. They’re all tanks. The difference is Runolf can also heal the party and is pretty much a must-have in the party on higher difficulties while Varag really needs a rework because his second and third ability goes against each other.

Dolorosa is an alchemist with aoe poison attacks and she wrecks shit. Rose is an archer with good aoe coverage and damage but is outclassed by Dolorosa. Dolorosa outclasses everyone and is an easy pick if you want to solo your way through the campaign with AIs. I would like to see some sort of mage character in the game with elemental attacks. There’s already a werewolf so having a vampire mage or something of the sort would be a nice addition to an already solid roster of heroes. Having 3 tanky characters and two damage dealers isn’t a good balance in my opinion and that’s why this is in the good section. Reworks need to be done.

The Bad:


Darksburg’s story is simple. Escape the town of Darksburg and live to fight another day. There’s some light voice acting and a big boss fight at the end of the campaign. That’s really it. There’s nothing to really praise here.


Outside of the main menu music, I wasn’t really impressed with any of the songs that played in the background as I made my way through the game. The battle music in particular is as average as it gets. It’s just some generic rock music being played while you slaughter countless zombie hordes. It’s all very… average and that’s really all I can write about it if I’m being honest.

There’s Only One Map And A Single Boss Fight In The Entire Game:

I wasn’t kidding when I said this game could be completed in under an hour. As a matter of fact, I’ve completed this game twice in about 50 minutes in a full group of 4 and a lot of teamwork and communication. It’s a lot of fun when you’re in a full group and murdering hordes of undead while trying to escape the town of Darksburg, but it’s also really really, short and only has a single boss fight at the moment. This game feels like an early access title in many ways, but it’s not one. It’s a full release game that I only paid $10 for. I can’t imagine myself spending more than that for under an hour of enjoyment and little to no reason to return to the game.

The Verdict

I had fun with Darksburg. I paid $10 for it and got 8 hours of enjoyment out of it before I moved on to better pastures. It's a decent game that's lacking content and balance. The gameplay is really good and it will give you some enjoyment. Even if it's just for a few hours before you get bored and quit. This game has potential and I'm curious to see what the developers add to the game in the future. If you can find this game on sale as I did then it's a definite buy. If not, don't bother.

Final Score :

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