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Death Of Wolverine Volume 1 Review

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I finally got my hands on The Death of Wolverine and Volume 1, while good, was really short and a little disappointing.Β 

Do I need to tell everyone what this is about? The most popular X-men, As a Gambit fan it pains me to say that, is getting killed off. Things started off pretty gruesomely, which should be expected because it’s Wolverine we’re talking about here, on the very first page.


Logan is sitting in a chair covered in blood, bullets, and who knows what else. Ahead of him is nothing, but corpses. The art work here is beautiful, the writing is excellent, and I’m pretty sure that when I’m done writing this I’m going to jump into volume 2 to find out what happens next.

Soule did a excellent job with Wolverine even though it’s his first attempt, despite this being his fist Wolverine project. He brought Logan to life by showing us what he’s going through without his healing factor without making him seem too weak. Logan is troubled, but resolute and welcomes the challenge that’s been thrust upon him.

I really enjoyed reading the first volume of Death of Wolverine even though it was really short. When things felt like they were just getting started it was over after the first battle. I sighed in disappointment because I wanted more. I didn’t want to start volume 2 so soon. I wanted to savior the feeling that I had while I was reading part 1 and make it last longer, but it didn’t and I’m here writing this review a lot sooner than I thought I would be.

Death of Wolverine Volume 1 was a excellent intro into what I hope will be a fantastic series of graphic novels.

The Verdict:Β 


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