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Destiny 2 Is Free To Play… And It’s Incredibly Boring

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Destiny 2 is now free to play. I could argue that it should have always been free, but I won’t… at least not today. Today, I’m here to give my thoughts on what I think is the worst looter shooter of them all. 

I’ve put about 13 hours into the free to play version of Destiny 2. I tried my best to get into this game. I’ve played it both solo and with my brother and just couldn’t stomach playing another hour. Why? I have multiple reasons on why I don’t like this game. I wanted to play through all of the free stuff and write a detailed review on why I dislike this game, but at this point I doubt that’ll ever happen because I no longer have the willpower to finish the game yet alone write a full 1,000+ word review on it. Destiny 2 is the worst looter shooter of them all in my opinion. It does everything it can to make itself the least interesting one on the market. It hides the story so new players will have to ask veterans in the Steam forums (or over on Bungie’s forums) for help on how to start the game fresh. 

The thing is… that you can’t start this game fresh. My old Titan is gone. He’s been replaced by someone else’s because my guy wasn’t level 50 or light level 750. I was level 20 and I have no idea what my light level was because I’ve never cared enough about this game to invest heavily into it like I did The Division, Warframe, and Borderlands. I’ll even throw Defiance in there. I think it’s worst than Destiny 1 as well. I actually liked Destiny 1 for the most part. Destiny 2 on the other hand, is not a good game to me. The gameplay is great. I don’t think anyone will say this game plays bad. It’s everything else that I have a problem with. The fact that the story is in the background and after every mission I’m booted up into orbit bothers me. Starting off at maximum level at light 750 is stupid to me. This game does not cater to new players in my opinion. It’s meant for returning veterans of the series. They can just jump right into the end game from the get go because they don’t have to worry about leveling up anymore. Everything has been done for them already. 

A friend of mine told me that he actually prefers this. That he didn’t want to level his characters up to 50 again because he’d done it three times already. I get that. I really do. But what about those of us that’s never done it before? I feel like my old Titan got deleted and was replaced with someone else’s character. This is not my Titan and therefore I don’t care about him at all. The loot is also really lackluster here. My favorite weapon is the bow that makes shit explode. Everything else is average at best and I don’t think enough loot drops from enemies that I kill. Games like The Division and Borderlands make sure you’re always swimming in loot. 

One thing Massive did really well in their Division games is the loot system. It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s literally Diablo with guns. In Destiny 2, I can go 20-30 minutes without finding a single gun. This is unacceptable in a looter shooter. 

The biggest issue for me is the game is just boring. I’ll boot the game up, look at the destination menu, do one or two things, and wonder why I’m playing and quit shortly after. I feel like there’s nothing for me to do in this game because everything has already been done for me already. Why not just do a strike you say? Or join up for a raid? Because Destiny’s raids have always been stupid (just like every other looter shooter out there IMO) and I would rather not repeat the same boring mission over and over again for little to no rewards. That was my main problem in The Division 2. I’ll go through hours of grinding and not find anything. The difference is it took me 120 hours to get to that point in The Division 2. I’m at that point already in Destiny 2 because Bungie did all of my grinding for me. So what’s the point of playing? 

The story… is average at best. I know hardcore Destiny fanboys will argue that it tells a “good” story, but lets not kid ourselves here. No one has every praised Destiny for it’s storytelling. It’s always been about the gameplay. Even Bungie must have known this because they hid the story so well new players have to visit forums to find out how to access it. 

As a free to play game Destiny 2 is alright. I can’t imagine paying $60 for this. I actually prefer the way things were setup before they left Activision. I prefer the structure and starting off fresh. Even if Bungie decided to make it optional for us and let us start off at level 1 I don’t think it’ll be enough for me to experience this average game again. Destiny 2 is average and incredibly boring to me. I don’t have fun when I’m playing. Yes, the gameplay is really good. Yes, the game (on occasion) can look really good too, but that doesn’t make it a good game to me. The way everything is disconnected is not good design to me. 

Teaming up with a bunch of random strangers to complete a raid is not interesting to me. I don’t mind doing a quick strike every so often, but, once again, I quickly lose interest in what I’m doing because I don’t like this game and I really tried to. Destiny 2 is the worst looter shooter of them all. There’s no starting from zero to hero here and I can’t see myself recommending this game to anyone even though it’s free. 

What do you think of the new and “improved” Destiny 2? Do you like it? 

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    The Night Owl
    Oct 12, 2019 6:14 pm

    I don’t mind the campaign – it’s very Bungie – but your critiques on the rest are pretty fair. Hiding the campaign is very odd because if I hadn’t seen your tips on where to find it I might have just walked away from the game. 🙂

    The artificial boosting of your starting characters seems odd and also throws the difficulty out as I’ve found little so far to need me to play in a group. Raids may be different though!

    • Omar Jackson
      Oct 13, 2019 1:06 pm

      The campaign itself wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to flip through multiple menus looking for the next one on the list. Who thought that was a good idea? The difficulty is a non-issue for like 90% of the content. My friend can do a raid quite easily with his group, but he’s one of those hardcore Destiny guys. Nothing is hard for him. I have no idea if the raid would be hard for me because I have no plans of ever making it that far :).

  • Reply
    Jan 06, 2020 12:13 am

    I agree. Just downloaded it to try something new with hdr. It doesn’t even do that right with the game looking honestly like a 2012 game with blocky, fuzzy gun models, boring environments, etc. I played through the earth portion which was just mind numbingly dumb. The cliche British npc became excruciating to listen to before he even spoke. I finished that main quest line and felt no reason to go back. Sure getting better guns has a slight dopamine hit to it, but then you realize this mindless monotonous world doesn’t draw you in to get better loot and explore it. It’s lifeless window dressing. Easy 80gb uninstall

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 06, 2020 5:43 pm

      I feel the same way. I freed up a lot of space on my hard drive when I deleted it though. I didn’t even get 20 hours in. I was done and had no interest in continuing to play. There are better looter shooters out there to waste time in than Destiny 2.

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