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Devil May Cry 5 Review

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Is Capcom doing good this year or what? Here’s my review of Devil May Cry 5!

 The Great:


Capcom’s RE Engine is the real deal. This game looks incredible. The character models are some of the best I’ve ever seen in a game and they’re animated beautifully. This game is stylish and over the top and the graphics show that off beautifully. The lighting and shadows blend together perfectly to make for some breathtaking screenshots. Photo mode is in this game and I’ve yet to use it because I keep forgetting to. This game doesn’t just look good it plays well too. The lighting, like Resident Evil 2’s, is excellent and adds so much atmosphere to the game. The lipsync is perfect, the stages, while unmemorable, look amazing. No corners were cut in this game and the end result, in my opinion at least, is incredible. This, and Resident Evil 2 is some of the best looking games that released this year next to Anthem. You know a game looks really good when you don’t want to kill monsters in an action game and just want to admire the destruction in the city. 


This is what Devil May Cry is known for. It’s not the pretty graphics or the story. It’s the non-stop, fist pounding action. This is the first Devil May Cry game that I’ve ever completed. I want to go back to play through the entire series now, yes, I’m including DMC in that. The gameplay here is absolutely incredible. It started off kind of simple, but as I unlocked new combos I started to see just how deep the combat in this game is. It leagues better than games like Sekiro and it feels so rewarding pulling off Smokin’ Sexy Style ranks in combat and being able to keep it there until the battle ends. I usually hate games that have a ranking system at the end of every stage because the gameplay never felt as rewarding as it does in this game. This game is so much fun to play that I want to pull off those SSS rank moves while kicking some demon ass. 

All 3 playable characters play incredibly well. My favorite, obviously, is Dante followed by Nero and V. V started off as my favorite because he’s the easiest to use. I never got anything under an S rank with V in two playthroughs on different difficulties. Once I learned how to play with Nero he moved up just under Dante as my favorite character, but no one comes close to the pure awesomeness that is Dante. He has SO many different movesets, weapons, and styles that it’s insane trying to memorize everything. He’s the most advanced character to use in the game and it’s a shame that we don’t get to use him until stage 10. Once I started using Dante I didn’t want to use anyone else. The only complaint I have is that there’s no arcade mode. I want to be able to choose any character I want on any stage I want and not be forced to be someone I don’t want to play as at that moment. Dante’s portion of the game felt too short. Maybe it’s because I was having so much fun playing as him that I didn’t want it to end. That’s a good problem to have. 


Devil May Cry 5 has a kickass soundtrack. Do know what else it excels at? Voice acting. The voice acting is really good even if the story isn’t and the soundtrack does a really good job of pumping up the player. What I really liked is that every playable character has a different battle song. My favorite song is Nero’s and my least favorite is V’s. Listening to this game is like having an eargasm that never ends. It’s that good and I love it. 

The Good:


The story here is… average at best. It’s not bad, but it’s not anything to be taken seriously in my opinion. Definitely not when Dante acts so juvenile all the time, but that strangely added to the charm of this game. I know on paper this game doesn’t tell what I would call a good story, but I enjoyed (twice) it anyway. The story starts with a battle. You’re in control of Nero and you’re fighting your way towards a new big bad in town. Once you get there you see Dante getting his ass handed to him. Once you lose the battle (trust me, you’re going to lose your first time) that’s when the game begins and you start your demon killing adventure as three different protagonists. I enjoyed getting to know the colorful cast of characters and the twist near the end of the game. 

The Bad:

No Arcade Mode:

If any game needs an arcade mode it’s this one. I would love to play through the game again using any character I want. I understand some stages would have to be redesigned because of Nero’s arm, but having to wait until a certain point in the game to play as the character I want to play as isn’t fun to me. Yes, I know I can just replay old stages, but some sort of mode that just lets me play through multiple stages at once as the same dude would be appreciated.

Stage Design:

There are no standout locales in this game. I can’t recall a single area that I thought stood above the rest. I can usually tell people what my favorite stage in a game is, but I can’t with this one. Why? Because they’re not memorable and that’s sad because the rest of the game is excellent. 

The Verdict

Devil May Cry 5 is excellent. Even with the poor stage design and a sophomore story, it's still a really good action game and it got the most important thing a game in this genre needs to get right. The gameplay. The gameplay is where this game sets itself apart from your average action game. Capcom once again nailed it. They've entered a golden age of gaming and their excellent streak of game releases continues with this game.

Final Score:

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    Mar 26, 2019 6:20 pm

    The thing with the environments stuck out for me too. Nothing stood out to me for most of the game (although one of the boss areas was great. You can probably guess which). Everything else was fantastic though.

    • Omar Jackson
      Mar 26, 2019 9:23 pm

      I think I know exactly what stage you’re hinting at :).

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