Devin Hester No Longer A Bear, And The Future Of Micheal Vick

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thIt’s been quite a while since I wrote a sports article and I decided to come back with news about Devin Hester, and Micheal Vick. Devin Hester is probably the best kick returner in the NFL right now. He finished last season with the most kick off returns in the NFL. I’m not entirely sure why the Bears are releasing Devin Hester. Do they have someone that can return kicks that’s as good as him? I know Devin wants to stay in Chicago but he won’t be out of a job. There are plenty of teams that can use a good kick returner right now. The Raiders, Redskins, and Dolphins are what comes to my mind right now.

Micheal Vick is in the free agency once again and lets face it he’s probably going to stay there. Micheal Vick is 34 years old. No team is going to start him over any of their young QB’s that they have. I think Philadelphia was his last shot to and he couldn’t get the job done. If you tell Micheal Vick to the hit the stop sign he’ll hit the tree next to it. That’s all I can say about his accuracy. He has good legs and can run around but you need a Quarterback not a running back throwing the ball. Maybe a team like the Dolphins could use him in the wildcard but that’s pushing it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone wasting any money on a 34 year old Quarterback.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens to both of these players but I think Devin Hester will have a better chance of getting a job then Micheal Vick.

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