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Complex legal issues usually involve a need for you to consult the help of an attorney. While you can always choose to represent yourself in these matters, the truth is that legal proceedings can be quite intricate and hard to grasp. However, having a skilled legal team by your side will allow you to make well-informed decisions and provide you with helpful advice about the next steps you should take in your case.

Kenton Koszdin Law Office is composed of a reliable and skilled team of attorneys committed to helping individuals resolve legal concerns related to workers’ compensation and Social Security disability. Lawyer Kenton Koszdin’s personal experience with workers’ compensation and disability has allowed him to gain comprehensive knowledge and valuable insight required to handle these kinds of cases successfully. As someone who has first-hand experience in such situations, Attorney Koszdin guarantees that you receive the appropriate compensation for your case, especially since he fully understands what you’re going through.

The Kenton Koszdin Law Office was established after Kenton Koszdin moved to law after his personal experience with disability made him realize how vital it is for injured and disabled individuals to receive the help they need to move forward with their lives. This cemented the prime goal of Kenton Koszdin’s Law Office, where his legal team makes sure that individuals receive expert help from experienced lawyers who know the ins and outs of the legal system and can help them with their cases.

Occupational injury or illness largely impacts the worker’s life and their family. Whether you’re working a desk job or in an industrial work environment, it’s crucial that you receive the proper benefits after suffering an unfortunate accident. The reality, however, is that the system that workers rely on for support in these tough times only becomes a burden to carry due to a heap of confusing paperwork and red tape. Kenton Koszdin’s team of legal experts will help guide you in navigating the workers’ compensation system so you won’t have to put a strain on your finances for enduring emotional and physical trauma.

If an illness or severe injury has rendered you disabled and incapable of working for a year or more, you can ease your financial worries through the Social Security Disability benefits. Our experienced SSD lawyer assists clients in applying for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) alongside the fight for the usual claim denials.