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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review

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I finally completed Divinity: Original Sin 2. It only took me 130 hours. Let’s review this shit!

The Great:


The amount of freedom this game gave me can’t be put into words. If I thought I could do something I could. The craziest ideas that popped into my head worked and that’s when I started to realize that I was playing something special. Original Sin 2 plays identically to part 1, but it’s been refined and Larian has added new ways for us to interact with the world around us. Combat is turn-based. When you encounter an enemy your party doesn’t automatically run to them and start fighting like they do in other CRPG games. Instead, it turns into something like Xcom, but without the cover system.

The battle system is fantastic. It’s as good as traversing the world. I’ve experimented with various different combos that made my mouth drop when they actually worked. If my character is standing in a pool of his own blood I set my blood on fire or shock with an electric spell and watch in amazement as everything around him burned to ash or was paralyzed from electricity. Do you see that pile of ooze on the left side of the screen? Do you have the spell that swaps out terrain? Use it on the ooze and replace the safe boring terrain with the new ooze one and then light it on fire with some fire breath. It’s great and the fact that this game does this gave me countless hours of fun during combat. I turned unwinnable scenarios into winnable ones because of some quick thinking and some lava.


This is a contender for not only game of the year, but soundtrack of the year too. I can listen to the opening theme all day and it gets better from there. The voice acting is surprisingly good and every NPC in the game is voice acted. The first game had horrible voice acting that didn’t take itself seriously at all and I think that’s why I was so surprised by the quality of both the writing and voice acting here.


It’s rare that I like every companion in a game. There’s usually one that brings the experience down for me. Every companion that I traveled with was interesting and I really wanted to know how their story progressed and how it would end. Playing through their personal stories while juggling the fate of the world at the same time was amazing.


This has to be the best looking game that’s ever released in this genre. Original Sin 2 looks amazing is filled with great little details that you don’t see in bigger triple-A games. The character models are fantastic. I actually took the time to create a good looking avatar in this game. I never do that in CRPGs because there’s no point. The camera is usually too far to make out what my character looks like in these games, but this one doesn’t do that. It lets me have my eyegasms at my character and sexy ass armor set that I just found. The world looks just as good as the character models and this game probably has the best looking elves in any fantasy game ever made. They’re not just people with pointy ears. They look more like the forest dwelling race they’re advertised as.

No corners were cut in here and I applaud this small studio for bringing us triple A quality on a limited budget.

The Good:

The main story is good. It’s not great, but I loved getting to know my companions. They’re well written and I wanted to take all of them with me. That usually doesn’t happen to me in games. They have great backstories, especially Sebille, and Ifan, and I enjoyed getting to know them. I ended up romancing Sebille and Ifan was like my best bro. I can’t imagine going through the game without both of them in my party. The main storyline is good too, but Larian almost dropped the ball near the end of the game. If I had to rate the story of the first few acts it would be like a 10, but the end of the game felt rushed. It ended nicely, which is good, and I didn’t feel disappointed when it was all said and done. There’s also a strong hint at some future DLC which has me pretty excited too.

The Bad:

Arx City:

Arx City isn’t horrible, but it is the weakest part of the game. The game went from different amazing locales to me being stuck in a giant city for about 10 hours before the final boss fight. There is one moment in this location that ranks up with the best moments I’ve ever had in gaming. It’s a serious WTF moment that I’ll always remember and I can’t wait to go through the entire game as a giant douchebag so see what else I can do to people :).

Romance Goes Nowhere:

If you’re going to add romance to your game at least make sure you acknowledge it in the epilogue of the game. I romanced Sebille and the ending made it sound like we were never together at all. It’s not a major issue, but what’s the point of having romance if it goes nowhere at all.

The Verdict

The Verdict: It took me a really long time to complete this game. I purchased it the day it released and I'm just now releasing my review. That being said this is my personal game of the year. No game comes close and the only real complaint I have is the weak final act, but even that act has some insane moments and when the game ended I immediately wanted to start a new file and play through it all over again. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is as close to a masterpiece as it gets.

Final Score:

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  • Reply
    Nov 13, 2017 3:02 pm

    It sounds fantastic. I love the fact that you can make all sorts of attack combinations that just plain work. I don’t think I’ll play it though, as 130 hours is the sort of length that I’d never get through!

    • Omar Jackson
      Nov 15, 2017 8:54 pm

      It took me so long because I wanted to do everything and take my time. The main story can be completed in about 40 hours if you just focus on that. I still ended up skipping a bunch of crap that I want to complete so I’m gearing up for another run lol.

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