DMC: Devil May Cry Review

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Hey everybody, I know I haven’t been exactly productive for the past month or so. I can make up for it with my all new DMC: Devil May Cry Review! Image

So to start off I was not all that excited to play this game because I didn’t want to solve puzzles or give an arm and a leg just to get an S ranking well I’m going to tell you how I got an SSS ranking on every level and still managed to not blow my brains out. That picture is so wrong on so many levels.Image

I went into this game with a negative mindset but I think I was stupid to assume that this one would be just like every other Devil May Cry but I couldn’t be more wrong. This time around Dante Has a fresh start, new story and a new look (EMO!) but honestly I think the new Dante looks awesome but he could’ve used some improvements.Image

At the very beginning of this game you’re naked (censored) and you’re talking to Kat who knocked on your trailer home door and she tries to warn you but you obviously don’t care because we all know Dante is too cocky for his own good.          So the huge monster demon thing that she’s trying to warn you about immediately tries to kill you but remember you’re naked so Dante dive through his trailer after this thing makes his trailer fall so Dante is diving through this thing putting on his clothes which is so awesome, but it still wasn’t cooler than when he ate pizza and killed like 10 demons.     Image Image   Image

This game has a bright view on things and it really gets up in your face without fear. It’s not a scary genre it’s just a cool action game   that’s worth what it asks us for. DMC isn’t trying to compete with anything it just gives you what it promises.

There are many problems original fans had and I can’t even begin to tell you so I’ll just address a few problems. The new way of killing enemies is called switching, which provides the ability to switch from angel weapons to demon weapons it’s not really hard to do once you get the hang of it but it does get a little annoying at first when you’re trying to get an SSS ranking and that’s only if you’re a perfectionist gamer like me.   Just to specify his original sword (The Rebellion) is still in the game as a non-angel and non-demon weapon so are his guns (ebony and ivory), I have to agree with the fan boys on this one because you can’t kill red or blue enemies with these two weapons. Having angel or demon powers also gives you an advantage by allowing you to use angel boost and demon pull. Demon pull allows you to pulls enemies and objects towards you letting you have your way with it. Angel boost gives you the ability to grapple on to enemies or objects allowing you to move towards it. This is also a great way to keep combos chained and well timed. /


One thing I love about this game is that it is all a revamp and still tries to please new fans to old fans rather you agree or not I don’t really care about your fanboyism just stop complaining. He still has white hair without the DLC this is just a revamp origin story instead of picking up the game after the last few games they went with this route. He still has his sword and guns (They took out a lot of weapons) but I think they honestly did try and please everybody but we all know that’s impossible and if you know what the bible is you should know that even in that story, in that perfect world GOD couldn’t even please everybody so let’s give them a break.  Vergil is still in this franchise and I’ve got to say that the character models are so much better than the old ones that it makes the old ones seem retro and corny… like a bad joke. Another problem is that original fans didn’t like that they took out the auto targeting which was a great move because in my opinion I think it made the game a lot harder which was not necessary.


Kat is a witch that isn’t at full power through the entire game, but she does have a can of spray that can create portals and other designs. She doesn’t have to help the two brothers at all but she decides to risk it all to help save humanity from themselves.Image

Dante and Vergil are full brothers both born under Sparda and Eva.ImageImage

Eva (as I was spelling this I typed Evan) is an angel that had a disgraceful relationship with a demon named Sparda. When Dante and Vergil were young they were split up and Vergil remembered but unfortunately Dante lost some of his memory it was jogged back and he remembers who his brother is, and how happy he was, but sorry Dante you can’t day dream all day you have a world to save.ImageImage

The characters are both hybrids of what a angel and a demon would have to offer. Dante of course has more of a demons aura but he is still balanced out in this game. Vergil is the same as Dante but he gives off more of an angels aura  but he looks like he possess more angel abilities than demon even though his powers are quite twisted and weird and creepy he seems to have a blend of both so I would say he has demon powers disguised as angel trickery. This allows both players to have a destructive and chaotic rage that can be controlled peacefully, we call this their devil trigger.ImageImage

The soundtrack in this game is so awesome that I can’t even explain it you just have to see for yourself, but just please make sure you finish reading my review first. The tracks are composed by Nosia and Andy LaPlegua and Preformed by Nosia (tracks 1 to 7) and CombiChrist (tracks 8 to 15).

The action is so much better but not only is the action better they improved the way you can chain together combos so that those of us who aren’t Devil May Cry masters can actually be good at the game, but trust me it’s not too easy. The game has over 4 difficulties (7 to be exact) such as:


Devil Hunter


Son of Sparda

Dante Must Die

Heaven and Hell

Hell and Hell

The gameplay has tons of action and it’s a great experience as a gamer. They changed literally everything about the gameplay including swords, axes, rock fist (like from prototype 1 & 2), stun gun demon weapon detonator, shotguns, pistols, a grim reaper type of angel weapon and orsis which is like 2 rings that can clone themselves and do tornado spins and what not.ImageImage

Combos can be easily chained together if you have the right timing and remembrance to well… remember them. The game doesn’t have puzzles at all, so really it’s 90% action 10% cutscenes (which are mostly skip able).

I’ve personally beat the game on every single one of these modes plus I’ve gotten every single trophy plus SSS ranking on every stage (I have too much free time).Image

so to be completely honest I ruined this game by playing it too much but I only played it too much because it has good replay ability so overall it is a good game and I recommend this to you, I really think you should buy it even though renting is probably the best option for this type of game. I give this game an 8/10 for having great action, a decent story, good graphics and for delivering what it promises. Image

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