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Does Gamefreak Deserve All of The Backlash They’re Getting?

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It’s an interesting time for Pokemon fans. A lot of people really love the fact that Pokemon Sword & Shield exist and that we’ll be getting it soon and others are hell-bent on downvoting, insulting, and making up false accusations against the guys in charge of Pokemon. So… does Gamefreak deserve all of the criticism they’re getting from a small portion of the Pokemon fanbase? No, they do not. At least not in my opinion anyway.

I’ve been playing Pokemon since Pokemon Red released back in 1996. Pokemon is one of my favorite game series of all time. It only trails Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls and if this series properly evolved like we all want it to it could easily surpass both of those for me and become my all time favorite game series. 

People are upset for various different reasons when it comes to the upcoming Sword and Shield games. Why? Isn’t more Pokemon what we all want? Yes, but, as with every game that releases these days, there are people that either don’t like that it’s more of the same and people that criticize every decision that a developer makes for their new game. It all started when Game Freak announced that there wouldn’t be a National Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield. That you would only be able to catch the Pokemon that are in this new game and when Pokemon Home releases you’ll be able to transfer your Pokemon from Let’s Go to Sword and Shield.

This bit of news did not surprise me at all. For starters, Pokemon Sword and Shield is the first main Pokemon game on the Switch. I never expected to be able to use my hundreds of Pokemon from the 3DS in this game. People that expected that set themselves up for disappointment. It was never promised to us that the new Pokemon Home would be compatible with the Pokemon Bank on the 3DS. The Switch is a new platform and it seems like Game Freak is trying to start over with Pokemon.

People are so upset over this that they have made up false rape claims to men in charge, demanded that Game Freak hand the reigns over to a different developer, and all sorts of other nonsense. It’s one thing to be upset over a game not having something you want in it, but it’s a whole other thing when you start making shit up and trying to ruin a man’s life over it. If you’re one of those people you can go fuck yourself. That being said I do somewhat agree with the animation controversy. It doesn’t seem like anything has changed. Pokemon still jump up and down for double kick instead or running up to their opponent and kicking them and it looks rougly the same as Sun and Moon’s animations and that’s a 3DS game.

That being said I understand that a lot of work goes into making these games. Games like Pokken Tournament can have amazing animations because the developers don’t have to worry about animation the npcs and over 800 Pokemon like Game Freak does. If Game Freak released a Pokemon game with animations on par with Pokken Tournament, but there was only like 50 Pokemon in the game people would get pissed off. It’s a no win situation for them.

This rip off Chinese Pokemon game with stolen assets added fuel to the already blazing hot flames –

People are saying that Game Freak should be ashamed of themselves because a small Chinese company made a better Pokemon game than they could. Really guys? Most of the animations in this video footage is ripped straight from Pokken Tournament. They’re only slightly different and there’s only 30 or so Pokemon in the game that’s animated this well. Why? Because the developers have no idea how to animate them. They stole the assets and slightly changed how they perform. They don’t have to worry about writing a script for a story, creating gym leaders, new Pokemon, new Pokemon models, world textures, animations for 1,000+ models, and so much more.

This video above does not impress me in the slightest because it’s not legit. There is a ton of off brand Pokemon games on the phone that has the exact same animations that this game is showing off. So if that’s enough to impress you and call this shit better than the upcoming Sword and Shield than more power to you. I’ll stick to the real thing. At least I’ll be able to walk around ane explore instead of just having battles with the same 30 Pokemon with stolent animations. 

I’ll go back to my original question. Does Game Freak deserve all of the backlash they’re getting from a minor portion of the Pokemon community? No. They do not. Haters will always drown out the people that love something because they band together and spew the same nonsense over and over again. They’ll undoubtedly review bomb the game when it releases and spew more nonsense out of their mouths, but it’s best to ignore them and move on. It’s sad that whenever someone has something positive to say about Pokemon releases a statement on Reddit or Twitter it’s met with so much hate because other people can’t fathom that someone will feel differently about something than they do. 

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Share Your Thoughts!