Doom First Impression

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My first hour of Doom was fun, but I already have some criticisms too.

Doom has gotten some really good reviews from players so far. The old school Doom fans feel right at home with new game and that’s great, but I was hoping for something a bit more… modern.

Doom is a really fast paced shooter that’ll have you killing demons from start to finish. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I love that and that’s exactly why I brought this game. So far it’s really delivering on that promise too, but I already wish I could do normal things like aim down the sights while using my speed to line up better shots.


Wolfenstein The New Order was a great mix of old school and new school FPS games. It blended them both together almost perfectly and the end result was the best FPS I’ve ever played. Doom doesn’t do this, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It’s just a flawed one so far, but I’m only an hour in and I’m pretty sure the action will pick up once I unlock all of my guns.


Right now all I have is a shitty pistol and combat shotgun. I can’t wait to use the chainsaw, and super shotgun later on. From the moment I started the game it’s been action packed. Demons are spawning all over the area just to be killed two seconds later from a well aimed shotgun blast to the face. I already have my first augment for my boomstick and it’s great. The upgrade system for my suit looks pretty badass too, but so far I’ve only unlocked a single upgrade.

I’m not playing on nightmare, yet, but I am on the difficulty before that. I want to get used to playing Doom again before I tackle the harder difficulties in the game.

I’m enjoying Doom right now, but I don’t love it yet. It’s good though and right now that’s a good enough reason for me to jump back in and kill some more demons.

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Share Your Thoughts!