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Doom Review

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Doom is a reboot/sequel to the classic Doom games. Is it any good? Read on to find out what I thought of it. 

The Great:



Doom has never looked better. I’ve always wondered what playing the classic Doom games would look like with today’s graphics and this game answered that question and more. Every environment has a distinct look to them and brings a different feeling to them.

The demons, guns, portals, walls, blood, etc all looked fantastic in my opinion. Going to hell, the second time, was fantastic and I loved how eerie everything in hell looked. I was constantly impressed with the graphics in this game and I have zero complaints in that area of the game.


If you’re a metalhead you’re in for a good time because Doom’s soundtrack kicks ass. Every time a fight starts I was treated to some nice heavy metal tracks that played in the background and it added to feeling of the game. I was pumped up and ready to blow some heads off with my boomstick.

The guns sound great. When I fire off a plasma round or unload 100 bullets into a big ass demon with my chaingun it sounded like it should in my opinion.

The voice acting is solid, but not great. Lets be honest though… no one plays Doom for a good story or voice acting.



Doomguy has all of his classic guns in this game including the BFG9000. Every gun is great in my opinion, but the super shotgun stands above them all and for good reason. It can kill everything in just a few shots. It doesn’t matter how big a demon is I know my trusty shotgun will murder it with a few shots and if I’m ever getting low on ammo I know my chainsaw will come in handy.

It Has A Full Campaign:

Most FPS games don’t bother to give us a campaign that’s longer then 4 hours. Doom’s campaign took me 14 hours to complete on the difficulty under Nightmare mode. I want to tackle Nightmare, and eventually Ultra Nightmare, but I might wait before I do that. The campaign in this game is really long and a lot of fun. Doom offered me tons of old school, mindless fun that I used to have as a kid and I love it for that.

The Good:



Doom’s story won’t win any game of the year awards, but it will keep you occupied while you play the game. The story is in the background in this game. It help leads you from point a to point b while you kill every demon in sight.

The real story lies in the codex files that you’ll find while you’re out murdering everything. I really enjoyed reading the codex files on each demon, and main characters.

Learning more about Doomguy when I went to hell multiple times was really cool too and made me question whether this game is a reboot or a sequel. Or is it both?


If I had never played The New Order I’m pretty sure this would be in the great section, but I did and I can’t ignore the fact that the gameplay was a little disappointing to me. Wolfenstein mixed old school with new school in it’s gameplay while Doom just did old school. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I was hoping for a more modern Doom. I think it was made this way to please the nostalgia crowd. For everyone else that was hoping for something more you might be disappointed here.



When I fought my first boss in Doom I was surprised because I didn’t know the game had any bosses. All of the top tier demons are boss fights and they’re actually pretty annoying because they killed me a bunch of times, but when I finally did beat them I felt satisfaction and relief.

The boss fights are good and will probably take you a few tries to beat them on harder difficulties.

The Bad:


As I played Doom I unlocked runes, and skill points to put into my guns, and armor, but none of them, except the guns, made me feel stronger. The majority of them are actually pretty useless in my opinion. Not every game needs a skill tree to be good and I think Doom would have been better off without one.

Unlocking skills like faster weapon switching, or not taking damage from explosive barrels felt really useless to me. I probably got blown up by a barrel twice in my entire playthrough of the game.

The gun customization on the other hand is pretty decent and is something I would like to see expanded on in a sequel.



The multiplayer was bad in the open beta and it didn’t change at all. It just feels out of place in a Doom game. I’m not interested in a season pass for more multiplayer content nor would I want to waste my time playing it for a extended amount of time.

I appreciate the amount of effort that was placed in the multiplayer, but it’s nor for me and shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with.

Cliffhanger Ending:

There’s nothing I hate more then a cliffhanger ending to a game. Dragon Age II did it back in the day. After I beat the boss of the game and watched a brief cutscene the game ended on a cliffhanger. It feels like a cheap way to end a game and I expect the story to continue in a second game because it’s better not be paid DLC.

Level Design:


I just completed Doom about an hour ago and I really can’t tell you what my favorite level is because I don’t remember their names. They’re just forgettable. The game is a lot of fun and killing demons is awesome, but the stages that I played on were just bland to me and none of them really stuck out in any way. Not even the stages that took place in hell were that impressive.

The Verdict:

Doom is a really fun game, but I can’t recommend buying it at full price. I really enjoyed the gameplay, atmosphere, and non stop action that game threw at me, but it’s really repetitive and can only be enjoyed in short burst before I get the urge to play something else.

What Doom does offer is good old school fun and it doesn’t care how repetitive that is today. If you’re into old school games you’ll love this game and probably wouldn’t mind spending $60 on it. For everyone else wait for a sale.


If there was no multiplayer in this game I could easily give it a 8, but I can’t justify that when I hate the other half of the game so much.

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