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Dota Underlords Feels Like A Cheap Mobile Game

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I’m not a fan of Dota, but I’ve always thought that the game had some interesting character designs and I’ve always been curious about what a game set in its world would be like if it wasn’t a trashy MOBA game. I played Dota Underlords for about an hour and that was all the time I needed to uninstall it from my PC and never want to play it again.

From the paragraph above, you can probably tell that I’m not the biggest fan of Dota Underlords. Dota Underlords has everything I don’t like about games like this. Basic gameplay, auto-battling, and a freaking battle pass. Doesn’t this developer make enough money without needing a monthly fee for us to get in-game benefits?

The auto battles aren’t for me. I don’t have to do much in this game and that’s a negative for me. I want to be involved with the battles and strategies and, so far, it plays like one of those AFK focused phone games that I have installed on my iPhone XR. I don’t mind games like that being on my phone because I don’t take gaming on there seriously, but no on my home PC. You’ve got legit League of Legends spinoffs being developed and they look like really neat games. What does the Dota spinoff look like? This… and I’m not impressed.

Is this really the best Valve could come up with after their long hiatus from developing video games? They could’ve given us a Dota ARPG that played like Diablo or anything else over an auto battler that requires absolutely no effort to play. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I honestly don’t care enough about this game to reinstall it on my PC and give it another chance. I was not a fan of the battling, random characters, or content being locked behind a battle pass.

I’ve had more fun playing mobile games like AFK Arena, Epic Seven, and ML Adventure over this. Yes, I’m well aware that Dota Underlords is also playable on a phone and that’s probably why it’s so bad on PC. It’s meant to be played on a phone and it’s structured like a phone game along with the microtransactions you would find in a game on your phone. I stand by my opinion though. This game is trash on PC and I’m disappointed in Valve in spending resources on a game like this instead of something like Left4Dead 3 or literally anything else.

So, I guess I’ll repeat what I wrote above. Dota Underlords feels like a cheap mobile game and I have absolutely no interest in ever playing it again. It was a total waste of my time. It’s totally cool if you like it though. We’ll just agree to disagree on it.

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Share Your Thoughts!