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Dragon Age Inquisition Game of The Year Edition Releases On October 6th

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Dragon Age Inquisition was my game of the year last year. I’ve played through the game about 4 times. I’ve racked up over 450 hours of gameplay and I plan on putting a ton more hours in the game before I’m done with it. That being said Dragon Age Inquisition is getting it’s on game of the year edition. 

Dragon Age Inquisition Game of The Year Edition is officially on my radar. I only own Jaws of Harkon at the moment. If this is priced right I wouldn’t mind buying Dragon Age Inquisition again for the last two DLCs.

Dragon Age Inquisition really impressed me and got an outstanding score from me when I reviewed it. I’ve really been wanting to play The Descent, and Trespasser DLC’s, but I haven’t had the time to go out and buy anything this month since I purchased Mad Max, and Nobunaga’s Ambition.

This version of Dragon Age will not be available on PS3, and Xbox 360.

October’s game lineup is looking pretty damn good right now and Dragon Age Inquisition makes it look a lot better.

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