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Dragon Quest Heroes Review

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Dragon Quest Heroes is a Dragon Quest game that plays like Dynasty Warriors. It’s surprisingly good too…

The Great:

Switching Characters On The Go:


Dragon Quest Heroes lets us play as multiple characters at the same time. The last game that let us do this was Warriors Orochi 3. This game has a lot in common with Warriors Orochi 3. You can switch between characters, level them up, and give them new equipment. All of the above could be done in Warriors Orochi 3.

Switching between characters is a good way to choose your favorites. At first you’ll only have a single character, but after the tutorial you’ll get more.


Before each mission you’ll have the chance to buy new weapons before each mission. It’s important to keep you party decked out in good gear, but even if you don’t I doubt you’ll have a hard time in this game.

Main Base:

The main base is a flying ship. It’s actually really cool. I can buy new equipment, upgrades, get new quest, change my party, save the game, and various other things. It’s a really cool feature that takes the place of the camps are present in recent Dynasty Warriors games.

The Good:



Dynasty Warriors has great gameplay. Warriors Orochi 3 has great gameplay. This game has okay gameplay. I didn’t like most of the characters in the game and the fact that I can’t jump over fences really bothered me because I would have to run all the way around them just to get back to the fighting.

The gameplay feels slower then Dynasty Warriors and more restricted. It’s solid, but it’s not the best that’s come from this developer.

Battling with four characters is a lot of fun though. If someone in the party gets knocked out you can revive them by approaching them and pressing a button. I wish I could give them basic orders though. Asking them to defend an area would have been great and I think it’s a big missed opportunity by Omega Force to implement some basic strategy in this game.


The in game cutscenes look great in this game, but the actual game doesn’t look nearly as good. The character models look okay, but they can’t compete with previous games that has come from Omega Force. The stages look good, but they feel empty, like with all games from Omega Force, and lifeless. The enemies that I fought all looked great though. I battled against some classic Dragon Quest enemies and it was a lot of fun battling them.


The soundtrack in this game is okay. It can be a bit annoying at times, but it’s not horrible. The other sounds in the game are good. Smacking enemies sounds good, magical attacks sound good, and even though the voice acting is mostly hit or miss it’s still better then having no voice acting at all. This game won’t win soundtrack of the year, but it’s not the worst sounding game either.

The Bad:


It’s Really Repetitive:

This game had me doing the exact same mission in a row for about 6 or 7 stages. I had to protect my objective and not let it’s health fall to zero. At first I thought this was pretty cool, but when I realized how much this repeated it quickly became a chore to do. I went from protecting our base, to protecting a mayor, and back to protecting a base. No imagination went into quest designs here and it really impacted the game.

Boss Fights:

Boss fights in this game are a joke. The dragon that I fought was incredibly easy to defeat and so was every other boss after it. My party wasn’t over leveled. I didn’t want to grind for experience because of how repetitive this game is so I didn’t bother and I still didn’t have a hard time against any opponents.

The Verdict:

Dragon Quest Heroes is a good game. I had fun playing through game, but it’s really repetitive and can get really boring during long stretches of gameplay. That’s mostly because I was doing the exact same missions over and over again. I blame that on the developer though. This game has potential and I wouldn’t mind playing a sequel if one is ever made. This is a Dragon Quest game. It may not be an JRPG, but it does have just about all the elements that make a good Dragon Quest game.

Dragon Quest Heroes could have benefited from some basic strategy, but it doesn’t have any whatsoever. I probably would have added a point to the overall score because it would have killed some of the repetition of the game for me.

This game does have some replay value, but not as much as any of the Dynasty Warrior games and nowhere near as much as any of the Warriors Orochi games.


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  • Reply
    Jan 13, 2016 4:29 am

    I remember loving the Dynasty Warriors tactics game on PS2… infact I wish I could play it NOW!

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 13, 2016 6:53 am

      Tactics wasn’t a bad game at all. I prefer the Empire games :]

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