Dragon’s Prophet Pictures

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Lunaliah and I have kind of fallen in love with Dragon’s Prophet over the last few days. I already created 4 characters and planning on my fifth today. Here are a few pictures I managed to take so far in the game:

2013-10-28_00001 2013-10-28_00002 2013-10-28_00003 2013-10-28_00004 2013-10-28_00005 2013-11-05_00001 2013-11-05_00002 2013-11-06_00001 2013-11-06_00002 2013-11-06_00003 2013-11-06_00004 I never thought i would have so much fun riding on dragons in this game. The gameplay borrows a lot from Tera but that’s not bad thing. The atmosphere, and playing cooperatively with Lunaliah is really what makes this game a ton of fun to play.

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    Nov 06, 2013 10:44 am

    Picture 1 boasts one of the manliest video game beards I have seen in quite some time.

    • Reply
      Nov 06, 2013 11:02 am

      I know right. I was disappointed since that’s the only beard in the game and since I have a beard I wanted a variety to choose from.

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