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ESO – Pact Advocate Has No Good Decisions

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This post does contain spoilers for a quest in ESO, but odds are if you’ve played the game you’ve already done this quest since it’s in the early game of the Aldmeri Dominion. Consider this your warning to not read this :). 

I’m making my way through the Aldmeri Dominion’s questline for the first time with my Nord Dragonknight. I’ve never done any campaign other than the Ebonheart Pact because all of my favorite races are in that one. So I’m playing through Glenumbra for the first time and I came across a quest called Pact Advocate. I figured it would be simple enough for my overpowered character and I was right. This mission is particularly challenging in any way, but it did have a really shitty ending and did open my eyes to how shitty the Green Pact must be for the Bosmer (wood elves). I had to find out who violated the green pact and made the forest turn against the Bosmer that lived there. After doing some investigating I came across a diary that implicated the wife of the alchemist in town. She was the mastermind behind the theft of a flower and I couldn’t in good conscious place the blame on the khajiit because he’s not a follower of the Green Pact and he was just doing what he was told. 

The reason why she had the khajiit cut this flower for her husband to use in one of his potions is because she was dying from an illness that dead leaves could not cure. She needed fresh ingredients to live. Her “crime” was not wanting to die from an illness that could be solved by collecting a few petals from a random flower in the forest. So the evil ass forest demanded revenge. I thought I would be able to side with the victims in this and fight my way out of the cave and damn whoever gets in my way because the Green Pact is stupid, but I couldn’t do anything once I found the evidence. I couldn’t condemn the khajiit for doing what he was told or her husband because he was innocent. He only found the flower after the khajiit had placed it there for him to find. The wife was technically at fault, but her crime was wanting to live. 

I had to escort her deeper into the cave and watch a evil ass tree devour her. I was rewarded for my service and I left feeling like a complete dick. There was no good outcome to this. Someone had to die and I choose the sick wife of an alchemist… I can’t wait to leave Glenumbra. The Green Pact sucks and if I could I would burn down that whole forest for making me do that. I mean… it would have been nice to have a chance to persuade the tree not to eat the woman or at least convince the “judge” to not condemn her to death, but I couldn’t do any of that. Fuck this quest and fuck the Green Pact. 

After that I did some other quest, rescued some people, killed some daedra, and had a good time killing world bosses with a group of people. I had fun. It’s too bad the alchemist’s wife can’t have fun anymore because a douche-bag tree decided it wanted to eat her. And that’s what I did in ESO today. What have you guys been playing lately?  

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Share Your Thoughts!