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Everreach: Project Eden Is A “Finished” Game That Plays Like An Early Access Title (Review)

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Before I go into detail on what I thought of this game when I played it I will let it be known that I received a review copy of this game from Headup Games.

I was very apprehensive about this game. On one hand, it looked kind of like Mass Effect and there’s not a lot of shooters out there like Mass Effect. So I was curious about it. On the other hand, it was delayed to fix some nasty bugs and then released and still ended up playing like complete crap. Nothing about this game is good right now. The gameplay is terrible, it has performance issues all over the place, and the voice acting is on another level of bad. Nothing works.

I wish I could write something positive about the game. I don’t accept review codes to shit on a game. I really don’t. I’ve received plenty of review codes this year and I can only think of two times that I provided negative feedback. This game just doesn’t work. Everything about it feels like it should be early access. I think many people would have forgiven the lack of polish, bugs, and performance issues if it launched in early access because this game really needed more time to bake. It wasn’t ready for release at all.

In Project Eden, you play as a Nora Harwood. She’s tasked with investigating the first human colony on an Earthlike planet. As soon as she and her two colleagues arrive things go to shit. They’re shot out of the sky and attacked on sight. Later on, she realizes that something really bad happened there and goes on a quest to make things right.

The story is… really bad. I never cared about what was going on or about any of the characters I met. I was honestly really distracted by the awful animations and voice acting most of the time. This game controls REALLY bad. The shooting is… off. Like it’s imitating a mouse. This game is not fun to play and you’ll be fighting with the game to shoot things. I regularly got stuck behind rocks and the vehicle you get controls just as bad as the main protagonist. The gunplay is also really bad. I know this was made by a small development studio, but we’ve seen small development studios make incredible games that are even considered art by some people so I don’t think I should go easy on them here. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I did.

If this was an early access game I would be gentler here. The problem is it’s not. They’re charging $24.99 for it. You can buy much better games for that price that actually work as intended. After reading that you probably think I have absolutely nothing good to write about this game. You’d be wrong. Project Eden can still be a decent game if the developers put in the work. This game can be saved. All the gameplay needs is some fine-tuning and it could be serviceable. The first Mass Effect game didn’t have good gameplay. It made up for that in other areas. The problem with this game is those other areas, story, voice acting, characters, etc, are really poor so having serviceable gameplay could make the game a little more enjoyable than it is now.

Project Eden is a really good looking game and it has a good looking main protagonist too. She just doesn’t have any personality and really poor voice acting. During my playthrough, every time the game autosaved my screen froze for a few seconds before I could control my character again. This happened EVERY time the game auto-saved.

This game does have a level-up system. Each time I leveled up I could choose which attribute to invest my points into. That would allow me to go further in my upgrade tree to unlock more passive bonuses for my character. I honestly didn’t care enough to invest heavily in this system. I just wanted the game to be over and focused on shooting things until they died. Project Eden is about 10 hours long. You can squeeze 15 out of it if you explore everywhere and try and 100% the game.

Once/if this game is updated and becomes playable I’ll have no problem updating my score by a point.

The Verdict

Everreach: Project Eden was a chore to playthrough. Nothing worked as it should. I felt like I was fighting the controls more than I was the enemy on my screen. There are no memorable characters, locations, or story to carry me through all of the issues that I had. I wouldn't recommend this game for $10 let alone $25. This is an early access game being sold as a finished product and I can't support something like that. I did get some Mass Effect vibes from it but you would honestly be better off going back to play that than waste your hard-earned money on a broken game.

Final Score :

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